10 Public Safety Blogs for 9-1-1 Dispatchers and Call Takers

by Hfbtech

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9-1-1 call-takers, dispatchers, and center directors face challenging situations daily. Not only do staff in public safety answering points (PSAPs) operate in extremely high stakes situations, but they also face challenges with the limitations of current 9-1-1 technology and resource constraints.

Many organizations, from technology providers to industry groups, have adopted the mission of helping PSAPs serve the public need for emergency response. Here we’ve collected 10 of the best blogs dedicated to public safety. They can help PSAP staff learn about best practices, discover new technologies, or connect over shared grievances.

Mission Critical Partners Insights

Mission Critical Partners is a leading voice in the Next-Generation 9-1-1 movement. Their posts highlight the challenges call takers and dispatchers face inside the PSAP as well as the latest solutions available from public safety technology providers.

Airbus DS Communications Blog

As a key technology provider to PSAPs around the country, Airbus DS shares insights from the frontlines of emergency response. For example, they posted a series on how PSAPs in Texas responded to Hurricane Harvey.

FirstNet Blog

FirstNet revolutionized public safety technology with a broadband network for emergency response organizations. Their blog provides a forward-looking perspective on how technology can be applied to improve public safety.

Dispatcher Dame’s Diatribes

The anonymous Dispatcher Dame offers an unfiltered voice from inside a PSAP. Her dry humor brings comedic relief to the important 9-1-1 topics she discusses. 

Urgent Communications View from the Top

IWCE hosts one of the premier conferences for emergency and public safety technology. In addition to in-depth and timely industry news, Urgent Communications gives a voice to those who work to design better tools for public safety.

Rave Mobile Safety Blog

Emergency response to natural disasters and high risk events is constantly changing, and the Rave Mobile Safety Blog keeps up with the latest recommendations for civilians and public safety professionals.

Motorola Solutions Fresh Ideas in Public Safety

Motorola Solutions’ blog focuses on the new technologies that are changing the way public safety professionals collect and analyze information. Their posts will be informative reading for forward-thinking PSAP leaders.

Esri’s GeoNet: Public Safety

The Esri blog offers deep dives on on how to streamline emergency response with better mapping and data analytics. A technical audience will appreciate the high level of detail and instructional step-by-step graphics for obtaining insights from public safety data.

Adashi Blog

Adashi is a trusted authority in the public safety technology world, and their blog contains applicable tips on topics ranging from PSAP software best practices to securing budget for new technology.

NICE Public Safety Blog

NICE’s blog looks at both the technical and the human side of 9-1-1. One of the best features of this blog is the PSAP’s Finest Honor Roll, which features and recognizes PSAP professionals for their impactful work.

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