2023 in Review: Reflections on Transforming Safety

by Thomas Prewett

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As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on the rising challenges facing today’s world while also admiring the stories of human resilience and innovation that inspire hope.

At RapidSOS, almost every day we hear first-hand stories of lives saved by the heroic work of first responders. 

Whether it’s the 911 telecommunicators in New Hampshire using video and multimedia to ensure the safety of a pilot who crash-landed his plane offshore, or first responders in Wisconsin using RapidSOS to locate and rescue two children who had fallen off a cliff in a remote state park — hearing stories like these drives our mission to transform emergency response and connect crucial data to support the world’s first responders. 

In 2023, RapidSOS made its largest strides ever towards advancing this mission —  supporting 3.3 billion emergency data payloads around the world and connecting intelligent data directly to over 16,000 first responder agencies and 1M+ field responders. 

Here are some ways that we advanced intelligent safety in 2023: 

Forging new partnerships with tech companies to provide first responders with more data

The transformation of emergency response over this past year would not be possible without the 100+ technology companies that partner with RapidSOS to connect their data from 500M+ devices, apps, and sensors directly to public safety. Together, we’re empowering safer, stronger communities with faster, data-driven emergency response.

Enhancing rail safety information for first responders

In 2023, RapidSOS and Norfolk Southern announced a joint partnership that equips first responders with critical information to respond to a rail emergency safely. Together, the companies will make it quicker and easier to access cargo and hazardous materials information, enable the ability to call for mutual aid and provide ongoing training.

Leading the future of intelligent safety in 2024

As we step into 2024, we reflect on the challenges we’ve faced entering  a new era of intelligent safety that embraces data and technology. We look forward to leading the future of safety together.

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To learn more about new advancements RapidSOS has made in transforming emergency response in 2023, read our full year-in-review newsletter.