3 Reasons to Upgrade From RapidSOS Portal to RapidSOS Premium

by jcarnoy

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Over nearly a decade, RapidSOS has worked in partnership with public safety to develop the leading intelligent safety platform– connecting 500M+ devices to over 15,000 first responder agencies. One of the most popular RapidSOS tools for public safety is RapidSOS Portal. This tool has helped countless telecommunicators reach people more quickly thanks to the unparalleled data it provides.

In partnership with Public Safety and the feedback on a cohesive workflow, RapidSOS created RapidSOS Premium, a tool made specifically with first responders and public safety in mind. Not only does this new innovation include the features of RapidSOS Portal, but it also incorporates additional benefits and resources that can provide unmatched situational awareness and empower an even faster emergency response.

RapidSOS Portal to RapidSOS Premium: Why Make the Switch?

Every second matters when an emergency happens. While RapidSOS Portal empowers first responders to accomplish more, faster, RapidSOS Premium offers even more capabilities that can make a major difference when a situation is down to the wire.

Here are a few reasons why your agency should consider upgrading to RapidSOS Premium:

One Unified Map Solution for ECC Operations
Because mapping is such a huge challenge for first responders, RapidSOS Premium makes things easier by providing one overarching map solution for emergency communication center (ECC) operations. That means emergency professionals can access extremely critical information as soon as an incident happens.

Screenshot of RapidSOS Premium in night mode

By upgrading to RapidSOS Premium, your agency gets access to the jurisdictional view of every occurring emergency. RapidSOS Premium allows you to use your agency’s locally authoritative geographic information system (GIS) data, powered by GeoComm, which will improve your ability to quickly locate emergencies and dispatch responders. With RapidSOS Premium, your latest GIS data can be uploaded and published as building and development takes place, ensuring the most current location data is available to emergency professionals.

In addition, RapidSOS Premium provides the ability to launch partner applications in a unified user interface. RapidSOS’s partner integrations allow telecommunicators to track first responders’ locations in real time to assess when help will arrive and view other local resources like locations of AEDs and indoor floor plans.

Easy Access to More Incident-Rich Data
RapidSOS Premium equips first responders with more extensive data. With RapidSOS, ECCs get nationwide data coverage to 911, accurate device-based location, and real-time data updates, ensuring your team always has the information they need. On top of that, RapidSOS provides life-saving information like health profiles, vehicle telematics, and alarms, including data from over 90 B2B partners and 500 million connected devices.

Screenshot of RapidSOS Premium in night mode

With RapidSOS Premium, telecommunicators also get a wide display of ANI/ALI and cellular locations together on one screen. This update provides a detailed record of a 911 caller’s location, including their vertical location, to help first responders better track the person in need.

Better Collaboration Across Departments
RapidSOS Premium goes above and beyond the reliable supplemental alert data for first responders. With easily accessible texting options for location and live video streaming requests as well as a real-time text message translation, RapidSOS Premium allows first responders to answer emergency calls with the click of a button and receive the life-saving information they need, all from their phones.

In addition, RapidSOS Premium improves ECC interoperability by allowing telecommunicators to share data with neighboring or surrounding agencies, including secondary dispatch centers and even across state lines.

If you’re ready to receive data that can help your team decrease response times and save more lives, contact RapidSOS to upgrade your account to RapidSOS Premium today.