3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Add Professional Monitoring Services

by Hfbtech

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Professional monitoring offerings are changing dramatically with the proliferation of new connected devices, apps, and DIY home security systems in the market. 

Traditional monitoring was developed over the last 100 years primarily around legacy alarm panels. Today, new monitoring systems allow innovative companies to share a wide range of data sources with monitoring specialists and public safety for faster, data-enriched emergency response. 

Meanwhile, public safety agencies and emergency communications centers (ECCs) are also gaining the ability to relay and process more data than ever before – from building layouts to vehicle models and license plates to health profiles of 911 callers. 

As professional monitoring services and 911 infrastructure are brought into the digital age, connected device, app, and security companies have more reasons than ever to add 24/7 professional monitoring to their emergency offering. 


What is 24/7 Monitoring? 

24/7 monitoring provides your customers with complete security and peace of mind, wherever they are, at any time of the day or night. If an alarm is triggered, certified monitoring specialists  will be immediately notified, verify if an emergency is actually in progress, and take appropriate action. Monitoring services manage the end to end process of ensuring that your customer is safe and dispatching the appropriate first responders on your behalf if needed. With 24/7 monitoring, customers gain the confidence that someone is always there to respond if there’s a security, health or other major emergency. 

A modern professional  monitoring service helps your business not just to verify emergencies but to link critical data from your devices to  emergency services and arm first responders with accurate, actionable information that can help save lives. 


Benefits of adding a professional monitoring service to your offering:  

There are many benefits to adding professional monitoring services to your product to create a more robust emergency offering  for your customers. By adding a 24/7 monitoring services for your customers, you’re able to:

  1. Add a white-glove, human touch – Access caring, highly trained monitoring specialists to serve your customers when they need it most
  2. Improve the end-user experience – Digitize and streamline the user experience, making it easier for them to confirm an emergency
  3. Increase peace of mind – Link rich data into 911 centers to enable faster, more effective emergency response for your customers 


Why RapidSOS Monitoring?

RapidSOS combines humans and technology to help customer-centric device companies  offer 24/7 monitoring services for their customers. RapidSOS Monitoring is an API-driven 24/7 monitoring service that provides a white-glove experience for your customers and faster, data-enriched more effective emergency response when it matters most.

Here are three reasons why your company should add RapidSOS Monitoring:

1. An easy to integrate API for 24/7 professional monitoring services 

Our single-API means that there are minimal developer resources required on your end to quickly implement high-touch monitoring services. Your developers will also be able to easily create flexible workflows with the Flow Builder feature, which can improve speed to launch and streamline implementation. 

2. A laser focus on improving the human experience

We believe in delivering a consistent, white-gloved human experience for all consumers, tailoring and personalizing customer care for optimized outcomes. RapidSOS Monitoring allows you to access caring, highly trained monitoring specialists ready to serve your customers when they need it most. RapidSOS also provides comprehensive 911 training and consulting services. We train more than 15,000 ECC telecommunicators annually, and spend more than 20,000 working with 911 in the field every year.

3. A global solution built for scale 

When you partner with RapidSOS, you gain access to a global solution that is functional across a wide range of emergency services departments in multiple countries. Enterprise grade,SOC2, UL, FM, and TMA 5-diamond certified, RapidSOS Monitoring meets the reliability, scalability, and security standards of some of the most complex tech businesses.

Interested to learn more? Talk to an expert today to add 24/7 alarm monitoring services to your emergency response offering.