6 tips for your next family roadtrip

by Hfbtech

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With mother nature waking from her winter slumber, families are starting to consolidate vacation plans. Roadtripping? Here are some tips to to keep your experience worry-free.

  1. Tune up your vehicle. For smooth sailing, make sure your car is in tip-top shape. We recommend having your tires, battery, fluids, and air conditioner checked well before you head out.
  2. Sleep up! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving while drowsy contributes to 100,000 accidents annually.  Make sure you’re well rested before your trip so that you’re ready for a full day behind the wheel!
  3. Prepare an emergency kit. Essentials include water, flashlights, a first aid kit, tools to change a tire, and warm blankets. Extra sunscreen and a back up GPS can’t hurt either!
  4. Check the weather. It’s impossible to control the weather, but you can certainly be prepared for it. Look up the forecasts for the regions you’ll be in and plan accordingly.
  5. Keep weight low. Only pack items that are absolutely necessary. Any heavy items should be stowed in the seat wells so that they don’t become projectiles during sudden stops. 
  6. Don’t advertise your travels. During the trip, avoid leaving road maps and luggage in plain sight inside your parked car.  If you have gear mounted on the top of your vehicle, try to keep it in view if you are going to a restaurant or store. For overnight lodging, dismount and bring everything with you for the evening.

Stay safe and happy traveling!