A Message to the First First Responders

by Hfbtech

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Dear 911 Dispatchers,

We were recently reflecting on our experiences as the RapidSOS Liaisons to the 911 Centers all across the country. We meet wonderful and talented Dispatchers, Supervisors and Managers wherever we go. And every single agency we visit faces the same issues with staffing, budget, technology, and much more. Collectively, we have nearly sixty years in Public Safety, more than forty of which is on the front lines of Dispatch. We have faced these same challenges throughout our careers. Consequently, we feel a profound sense of camaraderie as we get to know you all. You welcome us with open arms everywhere we go. You have reminded us that we are still part of that special community of Public Safety Dispatchers with whom we share a fierce bond.

Here on the cusp of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week we just want to say thank you for the work you do, day in and day out, working long irregular hours to serve your community. We celebrate you and honor your commitment to our profession.

Many Thanks and Well Wishes,
Tracy Eldridge & Keith Viveiros