Active Assailant Alerts: Reducing Response Times During School Emergencies

by Thomas Prewett

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Alyssa’s Law and other recent school safety mandates have empowered state and national governments to make new investments in technologies that improve connections between schools, law enforcement, and first responder agencies. While the industry innovates an impressive array of monitoring and alert services and devices, the most critical link remains that of how they connect with 911. That’s why RapidSOS has created the Active Assailant feature, purpose-built for schools and commercial settings in active gunman situations, which also provides partnership opportunities for safety providers hoping to fast-track their solutions into the marketplace.

The RapidSOS Active Assailant feature enables ECCs to satisfy new compliance regulations and respond faster to imminent threat emergencies when silent panic buttons are activated onsite. Partners can leverage RapidSOS’ deep ECC and 911 relationships, integrate into ECC and 911 systems with greater speed and effectiveness, and streamline their system testing and user training programs.

How the RapidSOS Active Assailant Feature Works

Picture a scenario where a teacher, employee, or even an AI-enhanced camera notices an individual (not police or military) carrying a firearm in a location they shouldn’t be, such as in a school or mall. The teacher initiates a silent panic button on their phone to automatically and immediately alert 911 and digitally share their real-time location.

Once the silent panic is activated, a standout Active Assailant Alert will immediately notify the relevant ECCs and share incident details with 911. Incident details are shared with the 911 agent, who then dispatches the relevant authorities and first responders.

As the ECC hovers over the red Active Assailant pin, they see address information, event type, digital indoor maps of the school, and more. The notice stays red until the alert is accepted or declined, and a gray banner also appears on the screen for every new Active Assailant alert.

All critical and real-time incident data is presented on a single screen within RapidSOS Portal, enabling ECC and first responders to take action in seconds, and alert neighboring jurisdictions using multi-agency routing.

Partner organizations using Active Assailant save time over traditional voice-based processes with instant workflows that enable telecommunicators to triage faster, increase operational efficiency, and reduce response times.

The Active Assailant Advantage

  1. Active Assailant Alerts have special visual notification treatment in Portal for 911 to draw attention to the event, faster.
  2. Active Assailant Alerts are immediately dispatched by Safety Agents using a priority trunk line, as opposed to an admin line for Silent Panic (supplemental alert).
  3. Active Assailant Alerts save critical time in active gunman situations by automating the emergency response while schools proceed with their own shelter in place protocols.

To quickly satisfy these requirements and establish a strong relationship with local school districts and 911 centers, many of today’s leading school safety brands have turned to RapidSOS and their 10+ year relationship with public safety.

By partnering with RapidSOS, school safety technology companies are able to become Alyssa’s law compliant and integrate their solutions with a decentralized, locally-run emergency response system at scale.

To learn more about how your company can use Active Assailant Alerts to better support 911 call centers during a school emergency, Register for our upcoming webinar on August 15th.