Introducing: Additional Uber Data in the RapidSOS Clearinghouse

by Hfbtech

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The limited location information available for 911 calls from cell phones makes responding to any wireless call difficult. But what if the caller is in motion or cannot speak? These additional variables make the already challenging job of a 911 dispatcher that much harder. To help solve this challenge, we have worked closely with our partners at Uber and Rave Mobile Safety to make life-saving data from Uber available to 911 dispatchers via the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. 

How does the Uber integration with RapidSOS work?

When an Uber rider initiates a 911 call via the Uber app’s 911 Assistance feature, participating 911 centers will receive the user’s location, as well as additional caller data, from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse.

“We are excited to be one of the initial cities to utilize this technology from RapidSOS and Uber,” said Athena Butler, Executive Director Denver 911. “We know how important accurate location is for 911 calls, especially for calls placed from moving vehicles where the location is constantly changing. This partnership will help keep our citizens safe and truly has the potential to save lives.”

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What additional data is available for 911 calls through Uber? How is it displayed?

  • Personal information: The caller’s name
  • Device information: License plate, make, model & color of the car the caller is in
  • Ride information: The caller’s pick-up and drop-off location

In addition to more accurate location information, additional Uber data is displayed in the “Connected Car” tab of the Rave 911 Suite.


  • Don’t have Smart911 in your 911 center? Any PSAP using RapidSOS Portal will have access to a new “Additional Data” tab where personal, device, and ride information will be displayed for 911 calls placed through the Uber app.
  • Not a RapidSOS-Uber city yet? To start receiving Uber ride data for calls through the Uber 911 Assistance feature, reach out to your RapidSOS regional representative or
  • Don’t have a RapidSOS Portal account? Sign up for your PSAP’s free, zero-commitment, account at

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How can I access Uber data in my PSAP?

Any Rave 911 Suite customer can receive location and additional data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse by filling out a no-cost customer addendum.

Fill out the addendum →

Any agency with the Rave 911 Suite or RapidSOS Portal who wants to enable location and additional data sharing from Uber can reach out to their RapidSOS regional representative or email