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Becoming RAY BAUM’S Act Compliant
with RapidSOS Ready Solutions


Jamison Peevyhouse, Director of Customer Success at RapidSOS
Bob Finney, Communications Director at Collier County Sheriff’s County
Mark Fletcher, VP Public Safety Solutions, 911 Inform

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Jamison Peevyhouse
Director of Customer Success

Bob Finney
Communications Director
Collier County Sheriff’s County

Mark Fletcher
VP Public Safety Solutions


Becoming RAY BAUM’S Act Compliant
with RapidSOS Ready Solutions

The FCC’s RAY BAUM’S Act requires that all multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) installed after February 2020 to be able to provide a dispatchable location for 911 calls by January 6, 2021. To comply with the dispatchable location requirement, these phones must be able to send address, floor, and room number or zone information to 911. In this webinar, experts discuss RapidSOS Ready solutions that local buildings can adopt to quickly become compliant with these new rules.

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RapidSOS built the emergency response data platform to help first responders receive the data they need to save lives. We help some of the world’s largest companies and organizations share data from their connected devices, platforms, and sensors, directly with first responders, to protect their people in emergencies.

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