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Must-Follow Public Safety Social Media Accounts

When first responders aren’t saving lives, they’re on social media, sharing safety tips, opinions, and stories. Through podcasts, vlogs, and relatable tweets, emergency responders and public safety professionals are sharing their stories with their communities. These public safety social media accounts remind us of the brave work emergency responders do everyday.  Read on for the…

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5 Steps to Build Brand Equity with User Safety Features

There are more connected devices in the world than ever before – it’s almost impossible to take part in the modern world without a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. There were over 194 billion app downloads in 2018, but for every app downloaded, there’s just as many deleted, forgotten, or discontinued. To retain users, some of…

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How 5G Is Reinventing Public Safety

5G Technology and Public Safety

There are few events more hotly anticipated than the rollout of fifth generation wireless technology, also known as 5G. The next generation of mobile broadband technology will indelibly change the way we communicate, increasing the speeds at which data is transferred at an exponential rate. According to the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), “5G will…

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The 9-1-1 Challenge Explained: RapidSOS’ Role in Transforming the 9-1-1 Infrastructure

The 9-1-1 infrastructure was built over fifty years ago for landline phones, with a system that never envisioned mobile phones, let alone contextual data. The system is structured around the concept of a caller verbally communicating their emergency to a dispatcher, and the antiquated technology doesn’t allow for much deviation from that. 9-1-1 telecommunicators do…

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