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Emergency Tech Company Releases Free Life-Saving Situational Awareness Tool to 9-1-1 Centers Nationwide

Jurisdiction View, a new feature in RapidSOS Portal, allows 9-1-1 centers to view accurate location and rich contextual information from 9-1-1 calls in one, active, real-time map interface New York, NY | February 27th, 2020 – RapidSOS, the emergency technology company that connects millions of devices to over 3,700 Emergency Communications Centers, is now providing…

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Monthly News Round Up – February 2020

Tech and 9-1-1 News Roundup February

9-1-1 News You Should Know Federal bill would reclassify 911 dispatchers as first responders A federal bill aims to reclassify 9-1-1 dispatchers as first responders, as they do a lot more than just clerical work – from guiding people through CPR to talking down suicidal callers. 12-year-old El Paso County boy becomes ‘9-1-1 Hero’ after…

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5 Smart Building Breakthroughs for Public Safety

Connected Buildings

We’ve all seen the term “smart” put in front of just about anything tech related. From smart watches to smart pills, it’s almost ubiquitous – and while some of it is just marketing, one smart technology in particular that stands out is smart buildings.  Nowadays, we expect buildings to do more than just give us…

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How to Handle and Locate a Non-Service Initialized Call

NSI Calls

With 80-90 percent of 911 calls coming from mobile phones, the chances of them appearing to be a non-service initialized (NSI) call are pretty high. Calls from these devices come into a 9-1-1 center as having a 911 area code, since there is no area code associated. If you have been taking calls for a…

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From Sheriffs to Spycams: How IoT Is Changing Home Security

RapidSOS From Sheriffs to Spycams Hero Image

When we think of home, we like to think of sanctuary, solitude, and peace. Our homes are ideally places of refuge, where we can lay our heads at night and feel safe from the dangers beyond our walls. Although many of us rely on our public safety system of police, firefighters, EMTs, and dispatchers to…

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Kari’s Law – 5 Questions Answered about the FCC’s New Law

Kari's Law Logo

In 2013, Kari Hunt was tragically murdered in her hotel room by her estranged husband. Her nine-year-old daughter witnessed the attack, and made several attempts to call 9-1-1 on the hotel phone for help. Unfortunately, her daughter didn’t know she had to dial a prefix 9, then dial 9-1-1, in order to connect the call.…

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5 Things Public Safety Wants Tech Companies to Know

In recent years, tech companies have been eager to develop public safety tech to support emergency services. At RapidSOS, we function at the crossroads between tech and public safety – so we put our expertise to the test. We surveyed public safety professionals from over 3,600 Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) around the U.S. to find…

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6 Health Tech Innovations That Are Changing Healthcare

6 Health Tech Innovations

These days, conversations about healthcare often circle around cost and efficiency. Health tech, the booming industry that encompasses everything from the powerful CT scanners in your local hospital to the EKG’s in your Apple Watch, is changing that paradigm. It’s bringing more effective care at lower costs to a greater number of people, through the…

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Wearable Technology is the Future Of Workplace Safety

Wearable Workplace Safety

Updated: May 20, 2020 Watches, bracelets, and necklaces are no longer just accessories; they’re now workplace panic buttons that promise employees safety in their daily tasks. A space in the industry now exists for wearable tech that cautions and protects employees and their employers alike. Tech is already playing a vital role in workplace safety,…

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