Celebrity Cares Program

RapidSOS’ Celebrity Cares Program brings together celebrities and their fans to embrace mobile safety and security. Celebrities have the opportunity to help those in need by spreading the word about health and safety to their fans, while highlighting their connection to their favorite charity.

How it works:

  • Who should get involved: Individuals who see how Haven can help a cause or community that you feel passionate about.
  • What you do: Send in a submission about your favorite celebrity and/or character and why that celebrity inspires you.
  • What the celebrity will do: When a celebrity agrees to be part of the Celebrity Cares Program, they have the option to participate by making several social media posts to their fans about their support for Haven and to encourage fans to download Haven. Where possible, they will create a video about the cause to increase awareness and explain how Haven benefits the community, send you a note thanking you for your submission, and share important information about Haven with their fans.
  • For example: There are many celebrities who would be great participants in the Celebrity Cares Program. Here are just a few of the causes and charities personally supported by celebrities, whose audiences could immensely benefit from Haven: The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research; Joyful Heart Foundation (Mariska Hargitay, Founder and President); Lopez Family Foundation (Jennifer Lopez, Founder).

To get started, fill out this form and send us an optional video (less than 1 minute) showing enthusiasm for the celebrity you’re seeking support from and explain how his or her favorite charity connects to you, the cause/community, and access to safety with Haven. RapidSOS will contact the celebrity and see if the celebrity is able to participate in your request.

Speak out for Safety is part of RapidSOS’ guiding purpose to make the world a safer place by ensuring that Haven is in the pocket of everyone who needs it. To fulfill this mission, RapidSOS founded the Safer Together Movement.

  1. Who can submit a request for the Celebrity Cares Program?
    • Anyone! We encourage anyone who is inspired by a celebrity to submit their story. Celebrities are busy people, and we thank you for your patience while we work on your request!
  2. How soon will I hear back?
    • This mostly depends on how quickly we receive a response from the celebrity and/or their publicist. You will be the first to know if we are able to arrange something for you.
  3. Can I request any celebrity?
    • Yes, but due to high demand, we can’t make any guarantees that they will respond to all stories/submissions, so tell a compelling story that connects safety with their favorite charity to motivate their involvement! We will let you know when we get a positive response from your requested celebrity.