RapidSOS College Challenge

An opportunity for students to improve the safety of their community

Working together to keep campuses safe

The RapidSOS College Challenge is a meaningful experience for students who want to make an impact in people’s lives, while building real-world skills and their resumes. Student advocates will spread the word about Haven and sign up classmates, professors, and local neighbors.

  1. Who can be involved in the College Challenge?
    • Any student at a college or university in the contiguous United States and Hawaii. If you are interested in joining the challenge, please fill out this form.
  2. Are there incentives to get involved?
    • Advocates from the top performing campuses will receive letters of recommendation from Michael Martin, co-founder and CEO of RapidSOS, and former venture capitalist named one of the top entrepreneurs at Harvard Business School. Select individuals will have the opportunity to join our highly competitive summer internship program at our NYC headquarters! Participating colleges will be ranked according to how many sign ups are achieved: third place receives $200, second place receives $300, and first place will get $500, with an extra $500 bonus for the winning school should the team exceed 1,000 sign ups.
  3. Why should I join this challenge?
    • The FCC estimates that annually, there are over 10,000 fatalities when people can't be located in emergencies – this is a problem we are committed to solving. Work alongside a passionate team, with experience at Microsoft, Oracle, NASA, Argonne & Oak Ridge National Labs, top VC funds and over 20 tech startups. If you care about making a difference in the world and impacting people’s lives, this challenge is for you.
  4. How else is RapidSOS giving back to the community?
    • RapidSOS is committed to bringing our life-saving technology to those who need it most. Through the Safer Together Movement, RapidSOS is providing the Haven app for free to those who live in environments that put them at risk and those with medical conditions or disabilities who cannot afford the app. For every paid subscription to Haven, a family in need is sponsored for a free one year subscription. With your help, we can get Haven into the hands of people across the country.