Community First

RapidSOS is dedicated to keeping communities safe and now you can help us! Through the Community First program, you will educate and inform members of your community about how Haven can keep your neighborhood and the world safer. By reaching out to neighbors, friends, and family, you’ll to raise awareness in your community and improve lives.

If you are interested in participating in the Community First program and spreading important information to your community members, please fill out this form.

Community First is part of RapidSOS’ guiding purpose to make the world a safer place by ensuring that Haven is in the pocket of everyone who needs it. To fulfill this mission, RapidSOS founded the Safer Together Movement.

  1. Why should you join Community First?
    • RapidSOS’ Community First aims to improve access to emergency services across the U.S. With your help in spreading awareness about Haven’s value and effectiveness, we can make sure that Haven is in the pocket of everyone who needs it.
  2. What will you do as part of the Community First program?
    • Community First delegates reach out to community members, neighbors, family, friends, and local groups via social media, email, and any other relevant means to share information about Haven and how it can benefit the community.
  3. What are the incentives to get involved?
    • In addition to helping us keep your community safe, Community First delegates will receive one free year of Haven and each person that they refer through this program will receive six months free.
  4. How else is RapidSOS giving back to the community?
    • RapidSOS is committed to bringing our life-saving technology to those who need it most. Through the Safer Together Movement, RapidSOS is providing the Haven app for free to those who live in high-risk environments or have medical conditions or disabilities and cannot afford the app. For every paid subscription to Haven, a family in need is sponsored for a free one year subscription. With your help, we can get Haven into the hands of people across the country.