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A Data Integration to 9-1-1 for Your Connected Car Platform

Real-time vehicle crash information sent to first responders during emergencies enables faster response. Improve outcomes and offer passengers a direct lifeline to emergency services with the RapidSOS Emergency API Suite.

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Instant data link to emergency services

vehicle access

In Vehicle 9-1-1 Access

through your connected car platform.


Digital Emergency Connectivity

through an API-based integration.

Faster Roadside Assistance

Faster Roadside Assistance

with real-time vehicle information.

How It Works

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03 ECC B
Connected car detects a crash
or collision.
02 Clearinghouse B
Data is sent directly to 9-1-1 or a trusted monitoring partner through RapidSOS’
secure digital connection.
03 ECC B
Incident data immediately arrives on 9-1-1 center screens, providing faster and better-informed emergency response.

A Powerful Digital Connection to Emergency Services

A suite of APIs and monitoring solutions power customized emergency response for any connected device. Connect your devices to 9-1-1 with RapidSOS – the only emergency response platform directly linked into every major public safety software system.


“We’re teaming up with RapidSOS on our 911 integration with local emergency authorities. If a rider [or driver] uses Uber’s emergency button in one of our active cities, their location and trip details will be automatically sent to the 911 dispatcher.”

- Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO
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The Next Generation of Emergency Response

Outdated, complex infrastructure limits most emergencies to a voice-only 9-1-1 call. With RapidSOS, 9-1-1 receives life-saving data from connected devices directly on their screens during emergencies.

Let’s Transform User Safety and Security

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Improve emergency outcomes with rich data

Expedite the emergency alert process

Expedite the emergency response process


Simplify emergency connectivity with a digital integration