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How Connected Health Devices are Tackling the COVID Data Gap in Emergencies

In this webinar, we sit down with Sameer Jafri, President/COO of AVIVE Solutions, to talk about how connected health devices are forming partnerships with healthcare providers and payers to address consumer demands in the post-COVID world. Watch the webinar below:


Eugene Hsu, Head of Healthcare at RapidSOS
Sameer Jafri, President/COO at Avive Solutions

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Becoming RapidSOS Ready: A Commitment to Public Safety

Find out what it means to be RapidSOS Ready, and how you can better protect yourself and your loved ones by joining innovative tech leaders in bridging the data gap between connected technologies and first responders. Learn more about our emergency response data platform and reach out to RapidSOS to talk to an expert who can help your company partner with us.

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