Introducing RapidSOS: The World’s First Emergency Data Response Platform

RapidSOS connects life-saving data from 350M devices to 911 communication centers globally, supporting over 150M emergencies annually.

Whether your company sells security systems, healthcare devices, mobile apps, telematics, or other integrated technology, connecting to 911 through the RapidSOS Platform offers your customers a lifeline in emergencies. By empowering a faster and more effective emergency response, your customers receive peace-of-mind.

Learn how RapidSOS can integrate your business directly with 911 by downloading our free E-book below.

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The Ultimate Guide to Integrating Your Business with Public Safety

RapidSOS offers innovative technology that connects devices, sensors, and apps directly to 911, providing first responders with the emergency intelligence they need to arrive on-scene faster and better informed.

In this free guide, we’ll cover:

  • How a 911 data integration impacts consumers
  • Why passing security monitoring data to 911 is critical
  • What kind of data can be sent directly to EMS and 911 through an integration
  • How to choose the right integration partner for you
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About RapidSOS

RapidSOS built the emergency response data platform to help first responders get the data they need to save more lives. We work with some of the world’s largest organizations to help them protect their customers, members, and employees by linking real-time data from their smart devices securely to first responders.