e-BodyGuard Becomes RapidSOS Ready by Sending Pre-Call Data to 911 When the Call Is Initiated

by Hfbtech

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Through this partnership, e-BodyGuard is now RapidSOS Ready, allowing critical pre-call data to be sent directly to 911 in an emergency.

Arvada, Colorado – March 10, 2022ーe-BodyGuard Smart Discovery Platform is now RapidSOS Ready. The eBodyGuard Smart Discovery Platform includes a free app for the community called e-BodyGuard Versatile. The app includes an area called the Safety Card where subscribers can store data to support them when they face a crisis. The data that the subscriber has chosen to enter is stored until a 911 call is initiated. Then this data is shared with first responders who are better prepared to help them with the most accurate, informed, supportive response possible.

In an emergency, information that the e-BodyGuard subscriber has chosen to provide is sent to 911 through the RapidSOS emergency response data platform via a safe and secure eBodyGuardPublicSafety link. The e-BodyGuard Versatile App also records ambient audio during the 911 call for safety purposes, which becomes part of the legal 911 call and can be used as evidence to support victims of crime for increased justice in the court process. 

Built in partnership with public safety, RapidSOS’s emergency response data platform securely and automatically links life-saving data from connected technologies directly to over 5,200 Emergency Communications Centers nationwide.

Organizations that share or receive emergency data through the RapidSOS Platform are RapidSOS Ready. With this partnership, e-BodyGuard users can share critical data directly with 911 in an emergency through the RapidSOS Platform, such as information that identifies their family members, pets, and vehicles and their medical information, disaster plans, protection orders, and the name and description of a suspect that may be abusing them or could be victimizing them. 

“Becoming RapidSOS Ready is an enhancement to our subscribers who deserve to feel primal safety,” said Melissa Faith Hart, Founder and CEO. “Building bridges matters today in America, especially in that first five minutes after placing a 911 call, as people encounter the most difficult moments in their lives. Our joint solution will further improve the protection of our subscribers and their loved ones in the case of an emergency, and in the event a crime has occurred.”

According to Jessica Reed, Vice President of Strategy and Global Partners at RapidSOS, “We’re united in our commitment to create a safer, stronger future where technology and people work together seamlessly to protect and save lives. Together with RapidSOS Ready companies like e-BodyGuard, we’re providing people with an added layer of safety and security and we’re supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually.”

The stored Safety Card information, along with recorded ambient audio, and other digital evidence is sent to 911 by voice activation or by tapping  the in-app RedSOS button. Even if the phone is lost or destroyed, the Safety Card data resides in the cloud and can be made available to the 911 Authorities. 

The RapidSOS and e-BodyGuard solution launched in March 2022. To learn more about the solution, visit: https://ebodyguard.org and contact@ebodyguard.org.


About e-BodyGuard

e-BodyGuard is a software-as-a-service product with three modules integrated to address the true challenge of prosecuting a case and protecting the chain of custody. The core mission of e-BodyGuard is to be a bridge and support the entire chain of custody from the community and ultimately into the court system in a secure manner that is FBI CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Service) compliant. By building bridges of technology, people, and processes; e-BodyGuard knows that connections of technology will ultimately result in increased lives saved. 

About RapidSOS

In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data from 400M+ connected devices to emergency services and first responders. Through the platform, RapidSOS provides intelligent data that supports over 5,200 Emergency Communications Centers worldwide, across 165 million emergencies. Together with innovative companies recognized as RapidSOS Ready, RapidSOS is supporting first responders in saving millions of lives annually.







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