Emergency Health Profiles Now Available to 911 in RapidSOS

by Hfbtech

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to announce a new source of critical medical information on the RapidSOS Platform.

In coordination with The American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and Direct Relief, we’ve launched EmergencyProfile.org, a platform that allows people to create free health profiles to share with 911.

Emergency Health Profile Homepage

With this option, people nationwide will have the ability to share critical information with 911 in an emergency for free.

What health information can 911 receive?

Individuals who create a free emergency health profile at emergencyprofile.org will be able to share pertinent medical and profile information, such as:

  • Name, DOB, and address
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Allergies
  • Medical notes
  • COVID-19 symptoms
  • Emergency contacts

How is the information made available to 911?

All of the above information is made available to 911 through the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. Information from emergencyprofile.org will be available to all 911 centers using RapidSOS Portal, as well as through partner integrations.

Agencies that don’t yet have access to RapidSOS Portal can sign up for free here.

Click here to learn more about our partner integrations

How do I use this information?

Emergency health profiles can help expedite call intake by providing you with an accurate picture of each caller. They can also help guide your decisions with regards to resources, patient care, and the necessary PPE for possible COVID cases, regardless of the caller’s ability to articulate those details.

Improving situational awareness for first responders is key to addressing never-seen-before challenges like COVID-19. With more data than ever before, first responders can prepare for situations smarter and faster, leaving more time to focus on the pandemic. All of this information is available immediately when a call comes in, so it can be consistently relayed through each department and responder throughout the emergency.

“Information is power! Getting data to 9-1-1, such as name and health profile information, is more important than ever because of COVID-19. Our telecommunicators must make informed decisions every minute of every day to protect our callers and first responders. Additional data can help them save lives as they deal with these unprecedented challenges.”

Christy Williams, Director of 9-1-1, North Central Texas Emergency Communications District

Where can I find emergency profile data in RapidSOS Portal?

If a call comes in from a caller who created a free emergency health profile, information will be displayed in a pop-up alongside the location data card. It will include available information from any of the fields we mentioned above.

Emergency Health Profiles in RapidSOS

Please note, you should verify this information is related to the emergency, in the event that someone is calling 9-1-1 on behalf of someone else.

Can I create an Emergency Health Profile?

Yes! We encourage you to create a free health profile and spread the word to your community.

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