Fall 2019 Public Safety Conferences: Meet With the RapidSOS Team

by Hfbtech

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At RapidSOS, we believe in collaboration with the professionals on the front lines. Our team travels to conferences nationwide to showcase the latest technology and share best practices from the agencies we work with. We want every public safety professional to have access to data-rich, life-saving technology when they need it most.

Is Your ECC Receiving Rich Supplemental Data at No Cost?

We work with technology companies like Google, Apple, and Uber to send life-saving data directly to 9-1-1 and first responders in an emergency. Whether it’s device location, real-time crash information, a caller’s medical profile, or home security footage, telecommunicators can access emergency data through our secure, web-based RapidSOS Portal. Over 3,500 public safety agencies across the country rely on RapidSOS technology for faster and better-prepared emergency response today.

Sign up for RapidSOS Portal today to receive life-saving data at no cost.

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Fall 2019 Public Safety Conference Schedule

Members of the RapidSOS public safety team will be at the following Fall conferences — we hope to see you! Stop by our booths and sessions to hear more about the work we do at RapidSOS, see our technology, share your success stories, and more. We have a lot of exciting developments to share with you through the final stretch of 2019!

TENA Conference
September 8-11
Murfreesboro, TN

NC PS Communication Conference
September 9-12
Winston-Salem, NC

MN Sheriffs’ Assn 2019 Jail Administrator’s Conf
September 10-11
Brainerd, MN

September 11-13
ST College, PA

NESCA (NE Emergency Comm Service Assoc)
September 15-16
Grand Island, NE

Oklahoma APCO
October 6-9
Tulsa, OK

MO Public Safety Communications Conference
October 7-9
Kansas City, MO

Versaterm User Group session
October 7-10
Scottsdale, AZ

October 8-11 
Kenewick, WA

APCO Emerging Tech Forum
October 8-9
Denver, CO

October 9-10 
Helena, MT

Gulf Coast NENA
October 13-16
Orange Beach, AL

October 14-16
Little Rock, AR

SC APCO/NENA Conference
October 16-18
Myrtle Beach, SC

Mid-Eastern APCO Training Symposium
October 17-18
Ocean City, MD

Nebraska APCO NENA
October 21-23
Lincoln, NE

TX Public Safety Fall Conference
October 21-23
Grapevine, TX

VA APCO/NENA Interoperability
October 23-25
Roanoke, VA

IACP Annual Conference
October 26-29
Chicago, IL

Idaho Industry Partner Conference
October 28-30
Boise, ID

NY Coordinators
October 29-31
Ithaca, NY

November 3-5
Springfield, IL

Canada APCO
November 4-7
Haliflax, NS

Hexagon Public Safety Users’ Group Conference
November 5-7
Nashville, TN

APCO Atlantic Chapter Conference
November 11-13
Falmouth, MA

VA Annual GIS/PSAP Training Day
November 13
Big Stone Gap, VA

APCO Alabama Fall Workshop
November 14-15
Orange Beach, AL

Florida NENA
November 18-20
West Palm Beach, FL