FocusPoint International and RapidSOS Form Strategic Partnership!

Industry leaders join forces to expand emergency response capabilities globally

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Industry leaders join forces to expand emergency response capabilities globally

NEW YORK, NY –  April 23, 2024 – RapidSOS, the world’s first intelligent safety company, and FocusPoint International, the global leader in emergency response as a service (ERaaS), have joined forces to connect individuals to safety on and off the grid. From travelers and lone workers to adventurers and thrill seekers, this partnership streamlines and connects individuals to emergency services no matter where they are through a combination of cellular and satellite networks.

“We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with RapidSOS, marking a significant milestone in our mission to enhance emergency response capabilities worldwide”, said Greg Pearson, CEO of FocusPoint International. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that prioritize the safety and well-being of people who live, work and play on the fringe of cellular connectivity”, added Pearson.

By partnering with RapidSOS, which securely links data from over 540M devices to 911 and field responder agencies, FocusPoint can leverage the support of over 1M emergency responders using RapidSOS. During an incident, emergency communication centers (ECCs) would receive an alert from FocusPoint International with the person in need’s location, details of their situation, and how to reach them.

Also, through this partnership, RapidSOS monitoring is supported by FocusPoint International’s market-leading Overwatch x Rescue service to provide emergency assistance coordination for incidents occurring outside of 911 jurisdictional boundaries or cellular networks.  By leveraging FocusPoint’s proven experience, globally vetted network and official SAR relationships, RapidSOS will ensure everyone receives the help they need, regardless of location.

“This partnership with FocusPoint International expands our coverage area and connectivity for users with RapidSOS Ready devices no matter where they go,” said Michael Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of RapidSOS. “Our shared commitment to safety and security at home and on the go makes FocusPoint International the ideal partner to support the RapidSOS network for users even when they don’t have cell service.”

To learn more about this partnership, and how companies are partnering with RapidSOS and FocusPoint International to protect their employees, travelers, and users, visit

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety company that harnesses artificial and human intelligence to fuse life-saving data from 540M+ connected devices, apps, and sensors from 200+ global technology companies to over 16,000 field responder agencies. Whether there’s an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS Ready devices, vehicles, homes, or buildings deliver essential data to the right place when it matters most. Learn more at

FocusPoint International (FocusPoint) is a leader in critical event management, specializing in providing Emergency Response as a Service (ERaaS™) tailored for individuals and organizations on the move.  With 16 offices on 5 continents and a core focus on responding to emergency assistance requests triggered through cellular and satellite devices, the company stands at the forefront of leveraging technology to deliver rapid and effective aid to those in need, regardless of location or circumstance.  FocusPoint’s dedicated team of multilingual professionals are equipped with the expertise and resources necessary to orchestrate timely and efficient responses to emergencies encountered by travelers, adventurers, and workers in remote or challenging environments. Whether it’s a medical emergency, natural disaster, or security threat, FocusPoint is committed to ensuring swift and decisive action to mitigate risks and safeguard lives. Through seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, FocusPoint empowers individuals and organizations to venture into the world with confidence, knowing that reliable emergency assistance is just a call or click away.


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