RapidSOS Selected for Fortune’s Impact 20 List

by Thomas Prewett

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RapidSOS is proud to announce our recent recognition on Fortune’s Impact 20 list for 2023. We are grateful for Fortune’s recognition of the ten year partnership between RapidSOS and tens of thousands of first responder agencies to transform safety, security, and emergency response.

The Fortune Impact 20 list selects the 20 leading startups that are focused on tackling key social issues as part of their business models. We are honored to be included this year.

Candidates for the Impact 20 list are evaluated based on their impact in remediating an unmet challenge, recurring business growth, and ability to scale an innovative solution. 

View the RapidSOS Impact 20 listing on Fortune.com.

“RapidSOS extends our immense gratitude and appreciation to all of our partners across public safety and technology that have made this recognition possible,” said RapidSOS CEO, Michael Martin. “Together, we’re empowering safer, stronger communities with intelligent, data-driven emergency response.”

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from 500+ million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to AI-enabled RapidSOS Safety Agents, 911, and field responders globally.

Built over 10+ years in collaboration with public safety, RapidSOS is transforming an outdated and under-resourced emergency response system by providing first responders with life-saving data from the connected devices we use every day. By providing 911 and field responders with digital information from 500+ million connected devices, apps, and sensors, RapidSOS empowers first responders to arrive on scene faster and with greater situational awareness.

Today, through their partnership with 100+ global technology companies, RapidSOS supports over 3.3 billion emergency payloads each year and provides emergency data to 1M+ first responders.

To learn more about how RapidSOS can power intelligent safety, security, and digital health solutions in partnership with 16,000+ first responder agencies, contact us today