Haven is a Lifesaving Technology to Aid Emergency Response

180 million mobile 9-1-1 calls are made each year, most without precise location data. Haven provides a pipeline for data from smartphones to first responders in an emergency – sending unparalleled information when it matters most. HBO's John Oliver explains the issues on Last Week Tonight - watch it here.

Tap for Help

Send 9-1-1 important information with one touch, including type of emergency and GPS location, when data connection is available. Intelligent connectivity optimizes the connection, even if you have poor service or a depleting battery. 82% of violent crimes occur outside the home. If you don't know where you are, time is spent determining your location, when it could be used to provide life-saving instructions. Provide your location to 9-1-1 dispatcher systems and get help up to 5+ minutes* faster.
*Based on actuarial analysis conducted with leading industry experts summarized in RapidSOS Outcomes White Paper

Text 9-1-1

Send text messages to 9-1-1 when you can’t speak or need to get help discreetly. Having the ability to text lets users provide more information to 9-1-1, even if they are in a situation where it’s difficult or dangerous to speak, such as a domestic violence situation, home break-in, or an individual having trouble breathing or with hearing loss. See a $1,542* reduction in certain healthcare costs from each minute of receiving help faster.

Alert Loved Ones

Transmit relevant data to 9-1-1 dispatchers and provide emergency contacts with key information about your emergency, keeping your family connected. Family members are often the last to know when loved ones are in an emergency. Haven notifies them of your type of emergency and location.

Real-time Location

View real-time whereabouts of friends and family members and control when you share your location. No need to distract loved ones with a text message when they’re driving or at work, simply check their location to ensure they’re safe.

Check In

Proactively check in when you have arrived at your destination and request loved ones to check in if you suspect they may need help or are in an unexpected place. Track a loved one through dangerous or unsafe area, providing peace of mind to both of you.

Send Help

Call 9-1-1 on behalf of a loved one, sending their GPS location and personal data to the dispatcher center closest to them so help can be dispatched if needed. For the first time, you can send data to 9-1-1 for another person. Inform dispatchers of allergies, medical conditions, medications, and other vital information that can have a positive effect on the connected emergency response.

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Our Plans


Save if you are flying solo

  • One-Touch-911
  • Family Connect
  • International (global emergency number directory)


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Add family members at no additional charge

  • One-Touch-911
  • Family Connect
  • International (global emergency number directory)


with 30 days free introductory period

with 90 days free

Join the RapidSOS Safer Together Movement

Receive access to safety

RapidSOS is committed to providing Haven to those in need. If you feel that you and your family could benefit from the safety and security that Haven provides, but are unable to afford it, find out how the Safer Together Movement can help.

Provide safety & security to a family in need

When you purchase a Haven plan, you will support a family in need by providing free access to Haven. Learn more about this and other community engagement programs.


Advanced Features Coming Soon


Send photos of injuries, accidents, etc. to help responders arrive with better situational awareness


Send data and video from your connected home


Transmit health data to doctors and first responders in an emergency


Allow any connected device to transmit data directly to compatible 9-1-1 dispatch systems

9-1-1 ABROAD

Get help wherever you travel, with data transmission to correct emergency numbers around the world


Translation to English for non-native English speakers and local language translation when you travel overseas

As a 9-1-1 dispatcher for 20 years, I have instructed my entire family and all of my friends to install it. I tested the app at work and the app is amazing! The general public needs to know about this app and what it can do. I love that you can text if you need to relay information but can't speak. Everyone should get it.

    - Lynne Neary, 9-1-1 dispatcher, MA