Microsoft Ventures Joins RapidSOS in $16M Funding Round

by Hfbtech

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I’m excited to announce an important step for the future of public safety as Microsoft Ventures joins RapidSOS in our mission to link life-saving data from any connected device directly to 911 and first responders in an emergency.

Microsoft Ventures joins several top venture capital firms, three former FCC Chairmen and former leadership from AT&T, Apple, Raytheon, Lucent, Vodafone, FirstNet, Virgin Group, the Harvard Data Initiative, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and top public safety thought leaders as we build out RapidSOS’ Emergency Platform.

Your Device: A Lifesaving Safety, Security, and Wellness Platform

Sitting behind tens of millions of devices, RapidSOS’ Emergency API links any connected device directly to 911 and first responders with rich data.


For the past 50 years, America’s 911 telecommunicators have done heroic work to manage billions of emergencies with little more than a voice connection.  Developed over the past five years in collaboration with thousands of first responders, the RapidSOS Emergency platform now provides a rich data link from millions of devices directly to 911 and first responders, at no cost to public safety.

Some examples of how IoT partners are leveraging this technology:

  • Health monitoring – link data from digital health wearables directly to an ambulance in an emergency
  • Vehicle crash response – life-saving telematics data directly to 911 and first responders
  • Home security – smoke density, temperature, multimedia directly to police/fire responders
  • Mobile – precise location during a live 911 call

To learn more about the RapidSOS Emergency API – schedule a conversation with a member of our IoT solutions team or start building today in our developer portal.

Emergency API Example: Uber

Last week Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced on the Uber blog the work of Uber’s trust & safety team to provide enhanced safety for Uber users built on the RapidSOS Emergency API.


Over the coming months we will be excited to showcase how some of our other partners are transforming the safety, security, and wellness for their users using the RapidSOS Emergency API.