The Future of Connected Mobility: Linking Telematics Data with First Responders


Hosted by:
Jessica Reed, VP of Strategy & Global Partners, RapidSOS

Scott Brillman, 911 Director, City of Baltimore
Mitch Dornoch, VP of Product, Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services

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Jessica Reed
VP of Strategy & Global Partners

Scott Brillman
911 Director
City of Baltimore

Mitch Dornoch
Vice President of Product
SiriusXM Connected Vehicle

Session Description

The Future of Connected Mobility: Linking Telematics Data with First Responders

Motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) are a leading cause of death and injury in the United States. Studies show that 13% of MVC-related fatalities could have been prevented if EMS arrived on scene faster. First responders and automotive companies recognize that to save more lives, they need better data about car accidents to make our roads safer.

In this session, Jessica Reed, VP of Strategy & Partners at RapidSOS, sits down with Mitch Dornoch, VP of Product at SiriusXM Connected Vehicle, and Captain Scott Brillman, 911 Director for the City of Baltimore, to discuss:
– How SiriusXM Connected Vehicle and RapidSOS are working together to reduce accident response times
– The importance of sharing data between connected vehicle technologies and 911
– Benefits to public safety gained by integrating telematics into public safety workflows

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