Get More Accurate Caller Location at NENA National

by Hfbtech

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Seconds save lives in an emergency. PSAP professionals know that a fast, well-prepared emergency response begins and ends with accurate location. At the upcoming NENA National Conference, we are focused on providing every PSAP with fast and accurate mobile caller location

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Connect with Us at the Conference

RapidSOS will be at booth #338 at the conference – stop by our booth for exclusive RapidSOS swag, a surprise game (with prizes!), and polaroid photos to capture the memory. Most importantly, you can leave the NENA conference with more accurate wireless location in your PSAP. Schedule a meeting in advance with our public safety team to make sure you don’t miss receiving a one-on-one demo for your agency. You can also get in touch with our Public Safety team directly by sending a message to

Attend a Session on Next-Generation 911

NENA attendees can receive an exclusive look at the cutting edge of NG911 technology. RapidSOS will be represented at five educational sessions on NG911 at the conference. Bookmark these presentations on your calendar to hear about the latest technology developments for PSAPs from RapidSOS and our partners. 

Monday at 4:45 pm: “What? You Can Route on Wireless Call Location?”

Could device-based hybrid location enhance call routing as well? If the location of the caller is already known, why are calls still routed by cell sectors? To learn about call-routing challenges and innovative solutions, attend this session with speakers from RapidSOS, GeoComm and Inteliquent on Monday at 4:45.

Tuesday at 2:30 pm: Using Crowd-Sourced Traffic Data in the PSAP

Apps like Waze collect data that can help improve emergency response times and preparedness. We’re working with Waze to put this life-saving data in the hands of first responders. Don’t miss this session with speakers from RapidSOS, Collier County FL and Waze on Tuesday at 2:30.  

Tuesday at 4 pm: Advances in Location: Where Do We Go From Here? 

9-1-1 caller location is at the forefront of the conversation on public safety technology at NENA this year. This panel will provide an opportunity for 9-1-1 industry and public safety professionals to share their perspectives on location challenges and new technology solutions. RapidSOS staff will be discussing solutions to improve location accuracy together with representatives from NENA, Google, AT&T and other industry experts. 

Tuesday at 4 pm: PTSD in the 9-1-1 Community 

Tracy Eldridge, Public Safety Engagement Manager at RapidSOS, will be presenting a session on the issue of PTSD in the 9-1-1 community along with Dr. Michelle Lilly of Northern Illinois University. She spent 20 years working in the PSAP before joining RapidSOS to help provide dispatchers and call-takers with the best possible technology solutions. 

Wednesday at 8:45 am: NG911 Planning at the National Level

RapidSOS staff participates in national NG911 Planning activities with all industry organizations, including representing iCERT (the Industry Council of Emergency Response Technology) at the Steering Committee for the National NG911 Roadmap. In this session, learn about how the National NG911 Roadmap will help all stakeholders identify what steps need to be taken to achieve full Next Generation 9-1-1. 

Before NENA: An Exclusive First Look

The week before the conference, we are hosting a webinar on June 13th with Jim Lake, PSAP Director of Charleston County 9-1-1, to share how PSAPs can get access to more accurate caller location and additional incident information. 

Make sure to register for the webinar for an exclusive product update and to get first access to the news.