Home Security Data Now Available to 911 on RapidSOS Platform

by Hfbtech

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In partnership with DIY security company Cove, RapidSOS is proud to announce that home security data is now available on the RapidSOS platform.

Home security emergencies today pose a variety of challenges for first responders. According to Statista, fire departments in the United States responded to over 2.8 million false alarms in 2018. Due to the lack of incident data, first responders do not have sufficient information to validate home security alarms, often leading to delayed response times and wasted resources.

The RapidSOS team has spent the past 18 months working with our user group to understand the challenges of alarm systems on 911 – particularly around the lack of information and an estimated 60 million false alarms sent to 911 centers nationwide annually. Results from a survey conducted among 911 professionals across the United States indicate that having home security data displayed directly on the screens of telecommunicators can speed up response time by 3-5 minutes in an emergency. With the feedback from public safety, RapidSOS and Cove are partnering to offer a solution that delivers alarm panel data to 911 as soon as an emergency is detected by a RapidSOS Ready home security system.

“Every year we deal with thousands of home alarms, and very few come into the 911 center with the best information we need to determine an appropriate response. Now that Cove is leveraging the RapidSOS platform, our 911 dispatchers will have access to time sensitive information that can immediately show key information about the incident, and provide critical details so that first responders can respond faster and more efficiently.”

Captain Scott Brillman, Director of 9-1-1, City of Baltimore

What information can 911 receive?

911 can access a variety of data from RapidSOS Ready Cove security systems. Available data may include:

  • Incident location
  • Alarm time & type
  • Zone name & ID
  • Monitoring center information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Family emergency health profile

How can 911 access this data?

911 can access Cove data via RapidSOS Portal and RapidSOS Integrations. To access training materials for this solution, log in to RapidSOS Portal and click on “Training” in the menu bar.

Agencies that don’t yet have access to RapidSOS Portal can sign up for free here.

Click here to learn more about our partner integrations.

How do I use this information?

All of this information is available when an alarm is verified. It can be consistently relayed through each department and responder throughout the emergency. By receiving and utilizing this data, 911 centers can validate alarms, determine points of intrusion, identify the residents within a household, and gain unprecedented contextual awareness before arriving on scene. Seconds save lives in an emergency – with critical incident data, first responders can make faster, smarter decisions to better protect their communities and save dispatch resources by avoiding false alarms.

Where can I find home security data in RapidSOS Portal?

If a call comes in for a Cove security emergency, available information from any of the fields mentioned above will be displayed in a pop-up alongside the location data card.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to your Regional Manager or via the Support tab in RapidSOS Portal.

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