Honoring our 2023 RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award Recipients

by jcarnoy

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Presented at READY23 on November 1st, the inaugural RapidSOS Responder Excellence Awards recognize 5 agencies who have gone above and beyond to harness the power of RapidSOS and the data provided by our technology partners to enhance their emergency response capabilities.

In the world of public safety, every second counts, and these remarkable individuals and teams have shown exceptional ingenuity in their mission to protect their communities. Whether it’s dispatching help faster, obtaining vital data about a caller or incident, or coordinating resources more efficiently, these first responders have truly demonstrated excellence in emergency response.

Congratulations to our 2023 winners! 

Adcom911 — Commerce City, Colorado

On April 29, police received a report that a male had been shot. The suspect had fled in a vehicle and taken a female who was in fear for her life. The female texted 911, which allowed dispatchers to track her location in RapidSOS. Everyone at Adcom911 worked together to track the female, notify other agencies, and gain information from other people calling in. At one point, the female’s texts were funneled to a nearby ECC, and the two agencies coordinated to continue tracking her in RapidSOS. 

Eventually, after being transported in two different stolen vehicles, dispatchers saw that the female was heading back to the original address. Officers hid nearby and were able to intercept the vehicle so they could take the driver into custody. Over a four hour pursuit, the Adcom team was able to help locate a victim using only RapidSOS and information provided by other callers.

The team at AdCom911 receiving the RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award
The team at Adcom911 receiving the RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award from RapidSOS’s Sam Silva

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office — Mount Vernon, IL

On August 30, dispatchers at Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office took a 911 call from a male screaming “Help me!” He was hard to hear, but at one point they heard him say he was calling from his watch. The call was captured by RapidSOS and dispatchers were able to use that data to dispatch deputies to the area. 

It turned out that the caller had rolled his side-by-side and was trapped under it. A fire department using IamResponding was dispatched, and they were able to use the RapidSOS data in IamResponding to locate the caller. Because both systems are integrated, the Mount Vernon team could more easily coordinate with field responders, which led to a faster save for the caller.

The team at JCSO receiving the RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award from RapidSOS's Julie Keleher
The team at JCSO receiving the RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award from RapidSOS’s Julie Keleher

Mexico City Police — Mexico City, MX

On May 25, Mexico City Police made an arrest of a person who attempted to rob a convenience store and did not count on RapidSOS being there to prevent it. A store employee triggered a silent panic alarm, which was verified by a safety agent at their corporate operations center. 

Through RapidSOS, the safety agent sent a Digital Alert to the store’s closest 911 center and was even able to share a photo of the intruder from the security camera. When police arrived on scene, they quickly identified the intruder and made an arrest.

The team at Mexico City Police receiving the RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award from RapidSOS's Guillermo Del Rio
The team at Mexico City Police receiving the RapidSOS Responder Excellence Award from RapidSOS’s Guillermo Del Rio

Potter County Sheriff’s Office — Amarillo, TX

On July 15, at Potter County Sheriff’s Office, a fall detection alert from an Apple Watch via 911 populated in RapidSOS. The call-taker was able to speak with the female wearing the watch and she appeared very confused. Her RapidSOS location showed a trail that left the roadway, went through a yard, and into a house, which helped the call-taker direct field responders where to look. 

The female was found in her vehicle inside a neighbor’s house. She had left the roadway and crashed through an exterior wall at the rear of the residence and the car was not visible from the street. Thanks to the help of RapidSOS, the call-taker was able to dispatch help faster and field responders were able to locate the female more quickly, ultimately supporting a better outcome.

Orange County 911 — Goshen, NY

On May 5, dispatchers at Orange County 911 received a 911 call from someone struggling to breathe and unable to speak. They used RapidSOS to pinpoint the caller’s location and view critical medical information provided by the caller’s iPhone health data. Using that data, in addition to their extensive training, the dispatcher was able to determine that the caller was having a severe asthma attack. 

An ambulance was dispatched and it arrived within minutes. Thanks to the location and additional data provided by RapidSOS, the right resources were dispatched quickly, first responders arrived on scene sooner, and the caller received treatment faster.

Honoring our heroes

Join us in honoring these outstanding first responders who have embraced innovation and made a profound impact on the communities they serve. Their dedication and skill serve as an inspiration and remind us of the incredible impact that technology and compassion can have in keeping people safe.

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