5 Tips to Avoid Being Pickpocketed

by Hfbtech

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Traveling soon? Whether you’re headed off for spring break or embarking on that long-awaited Mediterranean getaway, it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. 


  1. Prepare back up documents. Before you leave, take the extra time to make photocopies of important documents, including  your passport, ID, itinerary, prescriptions, and more. It also wouldn’t hurt to look up the U.S. embassy address in the countries that you’ll be visiting, should something arise. 

  2. Secure your bag. Make sure you always see and touch the belongings that you’ve brought out with you. Thieves are quick and discreet, so don’t let them take advantage of your inattentiveness! Your wallet, phone, and any valuables should ideally be kept in a front pocket or something like a money belt

  3. Be vigilant. Stay alert wherever you go – especially when in loud, highly congested areas. Station turnstiles, buses, and tourist sites tend to be pickpocket breeding ground! Also, be wary of anyone who approaches you: pickpockets tend to operate in groups, so while you’re chatting up a friendly stranger, someone else could be running off with your cellphone and wallet. One more thing: pickpockets are often children! Don’t let looks deceive you. 

  4. Watch out for phony signs. A trend that has recently been picking up momentum  is the fake ‘caution’ sign. A notice saying “Check Your Wallet; Beware Pickpockets” is posted in public. When tourists see this, they immediately reach down to feel the pocket in which the wallet is located. Unbenownst to them, pickpockets are watching and now have a running list of their next targets.

  5. Leave valuables behind. Expensive possessions are best left in the hotel – but don’t try to tempt hotel staff by leaving these items out in easy-access areas! Think twice before bringing extraneous electronics on your vacation. 

There’s no need to be paranoid – rather, be prepared. Enjoy yourself, stay alert, and have a hazard-free vacation!