Product Overview: Integrated RapidSOS Portal for ECC Software

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS Portal is a secure web-based tool for public safety agencies to receive caller location and additional data during an emergency. Data that is currently available in RapidSOS Portal includes real-time location data from Apple and Google, MedicAlert medical profile data, and Uber information (such as the caller’s information, vehicle information, and updated location). 

As part of our mission to connect the world to public safety, additional data sets are consistently being made available to Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) through RapidSOS Portal. In addition, to enhance user experience, new features are also being introduced through RapidSOS Portal — including admin and training tools.

Accessing RapidSOS Portal Through Existing ECC Software

To make RapidSOS Portal features accessible to every ECC, RapidSOS public safety vendor partners can now integrate RapidSOS Portal (iRP) into their software. This means that additional data and features accessible through RapidSOS Portal are now also available through existing CPE (call taking/handling), CAD (computer-aided dispatch), and mapping technology. This is done through integrated RapidSOS Portal.

What is integrated RapidSOS Portal and how will it benefit ECCs?

With integrated RapidSOS Portal, ECCs can access the benefits of RapidSOS Portal through their existing CPE, CAD, and mapping software — without the need to manually open another application and type in, or copy and paste, the phone number in a separate window.

Screenshot of integrated RapidSOS Portal in Zetron’s MAX Call Taking

When a call is received, the phone number will be captured and automatically queried. This will pop open the RapidSOS Portal window on the call-taker’s screen inside of the software solution.

This allows ECCs to access all of the additional data available in RapidSOS Portal, and use new features such as Jurisdiction View, within their current ECC software. Integrated RapidSOS Portal solutions can be configured to default to any view inside of RapidSOS Portal (i.e., location, additional data, Jurisdiction View).

What software is integrated RapidSOS Portal currently available with? Why should partners integrate with RapidSOS Portal?

Integrated RapidSOS Portal is currently available through Zetron’s MAX Call Taking, Solacom Guardian 9-1-1 call handling, Sun Ridge RIMS CAD, and ProPhoenix Phoenix CAD. There are more than 10 other solutions under development. As we are constantly adding new data and features to the RapidSOS Portal, we encourage all of our partners to integrate with RapidSOS Portal.

Zetron MAX Call Taking with Integrated RapidSOS Portal

Hear from Zetron product manager Alice Johnson about their experience with integrated RapidSOS Portal

How did you integrate RapidSOS Portal?

“Zetron has integrated RapidSOS Portal to MAX Call Taking on a second monitor display. This feature adds value to the MAX Call Taking user experience by automatically displaying additional location and supplemental data. MAX Call Taking provides a geographic visual display of all incoming 911 calls. Upon answer of a call, an automatic query is performed to display additional information in the RapidSOS Portal display. No additional queries, mouse or button clicks are required to perform this action.”

Why did you integrate RapidSOS Portal?

“As a longtime partner of RapidSOS, Zetron believes in the value of additional information to support ECCs. The adoption of RapidSOS Portal as a standalone option has been welcomed by the 9-1-1 community. Zetron felt it was important to streamline the user experience for our MAX Call Taking customers with integration and automatic query.” 

What are you looking forward to doing next with RapidSOS?

“So many choices! Zetron Product Management will gather requirements from customers via our User Groups to provide the features they want and need.”


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