Linking Fire Alarm Data to 911 and First Responders: For ECCs and Field Responders

by jcarnoy

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RapidSOS recently partnered with Emergency24 to better equip first responders with intelligent, incident-specific data before arriving on scene at a building. The technology provides one unified digital platform for response, linking over 100,000 Emergency24 monitored fire accounts to 5,000+ 911 agencies and 10,000+ first responder agencies to provide the fastest, most effective response possible in an emergency.

What does this mean for RapidSOS Ready ECCs and Field Responders?

The partnership is working to improve both the quality of information shared and the time it takes for first responders to arrive at an emergency, potentially saving more lives. By connecting the data to Emergency24 and ECCs through the RapidSOS intelligent safety platform, 911 dispatchers will gain access to critical information that isn’t easily transmitted today. The goal is to provide better information, faster, to first responders in an emergency.

Today, RapidSOS Ready ECCs already have access to emergency intelligence data such as location, profile, emergency contact, and more from existing technology partners. With the Emergency24 and RapidSOS partnership, first responders will soon have access to even more robust data types which may include:

  • Building address
  • Building phone number
  • Description (Location of alarm within the building)
  • Alarm Description (Type of sensor)
  • Time of Alarm

How will RapidSOS Ready ECCs access this information?

Emergency24 will leverage RapidSOS to deliver commercial fire data to ECCs. Stay tuned for information within the RapidSOS Training Center on how to access this data at your agency.

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