Monica Million, ENP, Immediate Past President of NENA, Joins RapidSOS as Public Safety Advisor

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS is excited to welcome Monica Million, ENP to the team as a Public Safety Advisor! With nearly 20 years of experience in public safety, Monica currently serves as the Immediate Past President of NENA and is a trusted voice in the 911 industry. With Monica’s valuable insights and guidance, RapidSOS aims to better empower first responders with rich emergency data to protect lives.

A career devoted to emergency response

At a young age, Monica watched her grandfather work as an engineer in the LA County Fire Department. Pursuing her interest in emergency response, Monica joined the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center in Colorado as a telecommunicator in 2001, kicking off her career as an emergency professional.

She quickly advanced to a supervisory role and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2010, before serving as the Director of the center from 2010 to 2017. During her time in the 911 center, Monica also participated in NENA’s working groups and developed standards and best practices for the industry. Other roles that Monica has served include President of the APCO/NENA Colorado Chapter, Chair of the Public Utilities Commission 9-1-1 Advisory Taskforce, and the Colorado 9-1-1 Resource Center’s Board of Director.

“RapidSOS is the ‘A game in town’ for delivering emergency data to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Not only has RapidSOS turned the public safety industry on its ear with location data, there is so much more to come. I am super excited to see how effective we can be by getting dispatchers the right data in an emergency.”

Monica Million, Public Safety Advisor, RapidSOS

Inspiring change in public safety through guidance and action

Monica believes that one of the biggest challenges – and opportunities – in public safety today is for first responders to learn how to analyze large amounts of call data and operationalize it in a way that makes emergency response more efficient.

Information such as caller profile and medical data can have a tremendous impact on incident outcomes and protect first responders by providing better situational awareness. Monica also emphasizes the importance of educating IoT companies on how they can better protect their users by delivering relevant data to dispatchers in an emergency. By providing guidance on how to work with public safety to overcome these challenges, Monica hopes to continue enhancing the emergency management and response process with RapidSOS.

Overcoming challenges and modernizing 911 centers

Another challenge for the public safety industry is its high turnover rates. Over the past few months, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic impact the public safety industry in unprecedented ways, revealing the need for the industry to become more adaptable amid a rapidly evolving crisis. Monica believes this can act as a turning point for 911 center operations. For example, several PSAPs were required to evacuate their staff and work remotely to ensure the health and safety of their employees. The fact that remote work is possible in the 911 industry is a new realization, and may ultimately transform the model of how 911 centers operate.

“The industry suddenly realized that employees can work from home. By providing telecommunicators with a work from home environment and the tools to do so such as RapidSOS Portal, 911 centers may no longer struggle with high turnover rates.”

With hopes to continue modernizing 911 operations, Monica looks forward to bringing her learnings from international industry groups back home. She has observed countries such as Argentina utilize next generation technologies like live streaming to assist emergency response.

“Upon learning about other countries’ initiatives to support public safety, I realized that we are essentially working towards the same goal, but just speaking different languages. I’m excited to bring my learnings to RapidSOS and work together to improve emergency response at home and globally.”

Though privacy laws and regulations differ around the world, Monica believes that there’s always something to learn from other countries and industry innovators.

We are thrilled to welcome a pioneer like Monica to the RapidSOS family and look forward to solving more industry challenges together as we advance our mission to connect the world with public safety.

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