Monthly News Round Up – August 2020

by Hfbtech

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From pandemics to natural disasters, emergency responders have been working non-stop to respond to the needs of their communities. Through it all, first responders have relied on technology to get the data they need to save lives, both in real-time and sometimes even preemptively. Whether it’s weather forecasting or telematics, data-driven tools available to first responders are changing the emergency response game. 

Tech and Public Safety 

The ‘Uberization’ of 911

Pre-hospital communication systems are technologically lagging, but NG911 technology is leveraging rich data to help save lives and provide better, smarter care to patients.

Wildfire spotting goes high tech: Can Silicon Valley save Northern California?

New technology is now helping first responders, namely fire departments, identify natural disasters in real-time – from thermal imagery collected by space satellites to mountaintop cameras.

911 News You Should Know

Los Angeles County Fire 911 Dispatch Saves Injured Riders 

Utilizing RapidSOS technology, the Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatchers were able to guide Copter 11 to where injured riders were located within 30 seconds of arriving in the area.

911 dispatcher helps to save life of island camper

Mistine Traegner, an emergency medical dispatcher for Bedford County, helped locate and save a group of friends when one of them stopped breathing.

RapidSOS in the News

New system to help with location on 911 calls in Paragould, Greene County

“Having access to accurate incident locations is key to our 911 staff providing quick and accurate emergency response.” – Michael McCammon, Paragould Emergency Services Director

Sirius XM, RapidSOS Partner to Send Car Crash Data to 911

RapidSOS and Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services have partnered to allow any connected vehicle to share more information automatically with first responders than previously possible, in less time.