Monthly News Round Up – February 2020

by Hfbtech

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9-1-1 News You Should Know

Federal bill would reclassify 911 dispatchers as first responders

  • A federal bill aims to reclassify 9-1-1 dispatchers as first responders, as they do a lot more than just clerical work – from guiding people through CPR to talking down suicidal callers.

12-year-old El Paso County boy becomes ‘9-1-1 Hero’ after texting for help during home invasion

  • When someone broke into his house, a young boy texted 9-1-1 for help instead of calling because he knew an intruder would hear him on the phone.

IoT and Public Safety 

Chula Vista police expand drone program they say is saving lives 

  • New drone technology in Chula Vista helps locate 9-1-1 callers faster.  

Emergency services company is working to change 911 calls for the better

  • Global Medical Response to build software for faster emergency response, lower cost of care, and better patient outcomes.

RapidSOS in the News

Police use new program to locate injured hiker in West Springfield

  • Emergency responders in West Springfield, MA successfully located a hiker in distress using RapidSOS technology.

Twinsburg firefighters, police rescue woman who got sick while with her dogs in the woods (drone video)

  • Police, firefighters, and EMS rescued a woman on a bike and hike trail using drones and GPS data provided through RapidSOS.