Monthly News Round Up – July 2020

by Hfbtech

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Public safety professionals continue to search for smarter, more efficient ways to respond to the unrelenting pandemic. More than just contact tracing, technology companies are showing their commitment to improving emergency response with data-driven tools. We’re keeping our eye on the healthcare industry, which is setting the stage for partnerships between healthcare professionals, first responders, and private companies and their unique data sets.

Tech and Public Safety

Philips launches emergency medical response remote monitoring system in U.S.

Philips has launched a remote-monitoring and defibrillator system to remotely monitor vital signs, restore heart functions with the defibrillator, and wirelessly share data with first responders.

The future of staying healthy is sitting on your wrist

Wearable devices could change the way we receive health care, alerting users and doctors when health issues arise.

Mobile officials eyeing new technology to save lives during police pursuits

A new safety app, Pursuit Alert, notifies users of nearby police chases in real-time. Technology like this can help bystanders avoid potentially fatal outcomes.

News You Should Know

How 911 Services are Getting Impacted amid the Surge

Paramedics and EMTs are interrupted in their line of work as they grapple with mandatory quarantines after responding to COVID-19 patients. 

Alexandria 911 center employees work from home during pandemic

Technology from Motorola Solutions allows 911 center employees in Alexandria, VA to answer emergency calls remotely.

RapidSOS in the News

How one Michigan dispatch center integrated its 911 technology for better location accuracy from mobile callers

“This was the most exciting change to our industry any of us have seen.” In Macomb County, MI, dispatchers are using RapidSOS to provide the best service possible to citizens.

Startups’ Plan: Send Gun Detection Alerts from Cameras to Cops

RapidSOS has certified ZeroEyes as RapidSOS Ready. The partnership hopes to create a direct link between weapon-detecting cameras and first responders.