Monthly News Round Up – May 2020

by Hfbtech

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Leaders in public safety and tech companies alike have continued to show their dedication to COVID-19 relief in May. Apple is now sending Medical ID data to 911, Switzerland is piloting a new contact tracing solution via an app, and front-line workers continue their work in treating the pandemic. 

At the same time, states in the U.S. and countries worldwide began to slowly re-open their economies. The coming weeks will be a test of how well states are prepared to prevent a second spike in confirmed cases.

911 News You Should Know

Dispatcher stays on 911 call for 22 minutes to help save life

A dispatcher in Minnesota stayed on the line for 22 minutes with a distressed caller and successfully deescalated a life-threatening situation. 

CPR app helps Lincoln man save life

PulsePoint, a mobile app that sends alerts to users within a quarter mile of an individual that requires CPR, helped save a life in Lincoln, Nebraska.

IoT and Public Safety 

T-Mobile rolls out Connecting Heroes program with free service for first responder agencies

T-Mobile is offering emergency agencies free unlimited talk, text, and data service for 10 years, including 5G.

Switzerland pilots a contact tracing app using Apple and Google’s tech

A new Swiss app, SwissCovid, will utilize Apple and Google’s contact-tracing framework. Users can confirm if they have tested positive for COVID-19, and bluetooth technology will alert nearby users of their proximity.

Wearable tech can spot coronavirus symptoms before you even realize you’re sick. Here’s how.

Researchers are studying how health data from wearable technology can predict COVID-19 symptoms before they appear.

RapidSOS in the News

How 911 dispatchers can work from home

In Alexandria, VA, dispatchers are taking 911 calls remotely with a secure connection and web-based response tools like RapidSOS. 

Your iPhone will share medical info during emergency calls

iPhone Medical ID information can now be delivered to 911 through the RapidSOS platform in the event of an emergency.