This National Safety Month, Help Save Lives with RapidSOS

by Summer Pratt

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When accidents happen, seconds count. Read on to see how integrating RapidSOS’ Emergency API/SDK into connected cars / wearables / home IoT can save lives.

Connected Car

In the event of a car crash, drivers may not know their precise location, or may even be unconscious, making it difficult for 911 to get the information they need to dispatch help quickly. To prevent these life-threatening scenarios, RapidSOS is partnering with connected car companies to integrate technology that transmits precise location and rich data (such as speed at the time of crash) directly to 911 and first responders.



How it works:

Step 1. When car sensors detect a crash, RapidSOS immediately allows drivers to connect to 911 and alerts loved ones if they’re unable to respond.

Step 2. Drivers’ medical information, GPS coordinates, and important car telematics data are sent to 911 dispatchers and first responders, allowing for a faster response to the scene.

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While going on a long mountain hike or jog on a new path, what would happen if you got lost or caught in an unexpected medical emergency? In these cases, your wearable could be your lifesaving product. RapidSOS is integrating advanced technology into wearables to allow them to detect adverse medical events and directly connect users to 911.

How it works: Medical emergency

Step 1. Wearable detects a medical emergency, such as a fall or abnormally fast heart rate.

Step 2. User is immediately given the option to connect to 911 via a voice and data connection, automatically sending real-time health information and precise location.

Step 3. Loved ones are informed of the emergency, allowing them to monitor the user’s location and vital signs.

How it works: Getting Lost

RapidSOS is with you wherever you are and is ready to connect you with 911 at any point, while providing vital information to first responders and informing loved ones.

See how RapidSOS technology got a lost hiker help within 15 minutes:

Connected Home


Home invasions? Fire? With RapidSOS, home owners immediately get notified when an adverse event happens in their home and have the ability to get connected directly to 911 and loved ones. RapidSOS’ simple API/SDK works with security systems to provide home monitoring, without the need for a clunky call center.

How it works: 

Step 1. Security system detects home invasion, fire, or carbon monoxide.

Step 2. Home owner is immediately notified and given the option to connect to 911 and notify loved ones.

Step 3. Data (including location, temperature, smoke density, etc.) are automatically sent to 911 and first responders.

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