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RapidSOS Portal & Premium is now RapidSOS UNITE
The evolution from RapidSOS Portal & Premium to RapidSOS UNITE marks an innovative update in emergency response technology. Our enhanced platform unites various workflows and integrates critical data, transforming how agencies handle emergencies.

RapidSOS UNITE offers a comprehensive solution by centralizing NG911 data, including calls, texts, videos, and sensor information. This integration enables faster, more informed responses tailored to the specific needs of each agency.


GIS Module

Upgrade beyond Google Maps and leverage your locally authoritative data

The GIS Module enhances standard mapping solutions like Google Maps by integrating locally authoritative GIS data, maximizing the potential of your NG911 GIS data with a blend of accurate local details and commercial basemaps like Google Maps and Esri.


Intelligent Analyst Module

Go beyond call handling reporting into incident analytics

As voice-based requests for service move to digital means, agencies need decision-makers to understand the true scope and complexity of their workload.

The Intelligent Analyst module provides a holistic view, including calls, texts, and sensor-based alerts.


Communicator Module

Enhance agency’s Text from 911 and video capabilities for improved efficiency

Designed to optimize how agencies can communicate with with those in need, this module upgrades text- and video-based capabilities. It streamlines workflows for text conversations that require language translation, while saving time and amplifying the impact of texts and videos within your agency, with more to come including transcription, keyword alerting, and more.


Single Sign-On Module

Streamline access to critical data with RapidSOS Single Sign-On
Simplify your login process and enhance user management for both staff and administrators with our Single Sign-On (SSO) module.



Improve response times by giving field responders access to data from RapidSOS
IamResponding is an end-to-end emergency response system that puts time-saving alerts and critical data directly into the hands of first responders.