A Milestone for NG911: Over 1,000 Public Safety Agencies Nationwide Deploy RapidSOS Technology

by Hfbtech

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re excited to announce a major milestone on our mission to transform emergency response with life-saving technology: Over 1,000 public safety agencies nationwide have deployed the RapidSOS Clearinghouse emergency platform.

We’re proud to work with public safety leaders around the country to provide rich emergency data from connected devices to 9-1-1 and first responders. Current users represent 9-1-1 public safety answering points (PSAPs) from urban, suburban, and rural counties nationwide – including some of the largest counties in the country, like Maricopa County in Arizona. At RapidSOS, we’re honored to work closely with the 9-1-1 community on our shared mission to make the best possible tools accessible to any public safety agency.

“The RapidSOS platform is life-saving technology for the public safety community. Our agency implemented the NG911 Clearinghouse in a matter of weeks. Now our 9-1-1 telecommunicators in our 25 PSAPs can access fast, accurate location and additional data to improve emergency response for the roughly 225,200 9-1-1 calls we receive every month.”

-Liz Graeber, 9-1-1 Administrator for the Maricopa Region. 

A PSAP’s Trusted Source for Connected Device Data

The NG911 Clearinghouse is a repository for life-saving emergency data from sources including Apple, Uber, and Waze. PSAPs with the NG911 Clearinghouse integration deployed can access emergency data from millions of connected devices directly in their existing software. RapidSOS provides this data to public safety agencies at no cost, making Next Generation 9-1-1 technology accessible to any PSAP in America.

Public safety agencies today struggle to receive accurate caller location from wireless devices and typically receive no other data around an emergency besides a voice connection. RapidSOS partners with mobile device, smart home, connected car, wearable, and industrial sensor companies to provide public safety agencies with a wide range of situational emergency data.

PSAPs with access to the NG911 Clearinghouse receive life-saving data when an enabled device dials 9-1-1, resulting in more efficient and better prepared emergency response. Example data sources include:

RapidSOS implements best-in-class security practices including end-to-end encryption for data in the Clearinghouse and an information security management program developed with IBM that has achieved ISO 27001 compliance, a rigorous and globally -recognized cybersecurity certification. Emergency data is only available to agencies during live 9-1-1 calls initiated from the device.

Available at No Cost to Public Safety

PSAPs can start receiving data from the NG911 Clearinghouse through one of two methods. 

  • RapidSOS partners with all major public safety software companies to integrate data from the NG911 Clearinghouse directly in PSAPs’ existing dashboards and workflows. Public safety officials can view the list of RapidSOS partners here.
  • Any PSAP can access data from the NG911 Clearinghouse today with RapidSOS, a free, secure web-based tool for public safety agencies. Authorized PSAPs can create an account at RapidSOSPortal.com.

RapidSOS partners with Internet of Things (IoT) companies to provide this data to public safety agencies at no cost. 

Watch the RapidSOS Clearinghouse in Action

Interested in learning more about how to join over 1,000 public safety agencies nationwide and implement the integration with the NG911 Clearinghouse in your PSAP? Our Public Safety Evangelist Tracy Eldridge recently presented a 30-minute webinar on the steps to deploy the integration. Watch the recording to learn more about our software integrations and see a demo of the RapidSOS Clearinghouse in action.