RapidSOS + NG911 Clearinghouse

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RapidSOS is partnering with leading device manufacturers and app developers to get more accurate, faster location, indoors and outdoors from all different sensors on modern devices, such as GPS, WiFi Access Points, cell towers, Bluetooth beacons and barometric pressure sensors, without the need for an app to dial 9-1-1.

The RapidSOS integration into your PSAP also gives you an option to receive additional data and multimedia from the Haven app, as well as from other connected devices that use the RapidSOS emergency platform.

Integrated Into Your Existing System

1. Citizen dials 9-1-1 for help

2. Improved location and additional data are sent to the NG911 Clearinghouse

3. Call Taker receives both sets of data

We interconnect with leading vendors of 9-1-1 call-taking, computer-aided dispatch solutions, and mapping solutions. When a 9-1-1 call comes in, your 9-1-1 equipment queries the NG911 Clearinghouse for supplementary location straight from the device and additional data.

RapidSOS Integration Partners

Rather than having to install yet another screen to your PSAP, the RapidSOS integration is a simple upgrade for your existing software.

NG911 Clearinghouse Android ELS Pilot Project

In January 2018, RapidSOS and Google conducted a pilot project to evaluate Android Emergency Location Service (ELS) location accuracy and speed of delivery for wireless 9-1-1 calls.


Tennessee NG911 Clearinghouse Pilot Project

The Tennessee Emergency Communications Board, a nationally recognized Next Generation 9-1-1 leader, entered into a pilot project with RapidSOS to rigorously test RapidSOS' technology to deliver...


RapidSOS & INdigital Location Testing in Elkhart, IN

RapidSOS is partnering with INdigital to give public safety agencies in the INdigital network access to precise location and enhanced data for smartphone 9-1-1 calls (without an app) from the RapidSOS NG9-1-1 Clearinghouse.


RapidSOS & GeoComm Location Testing in Frisco, TX

RapidSOS is partnering with GeoComm to provide public safety agencies that use GeoComm 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) mapping systems with accurate location and additional...


Airbus DS Communications Takes the Next Step in Bringing New 9-1-1 Data Capabilities to Public Safety

Airbus DS Communications, North America’s leading public safety communications provider, will introduce cutting-edge technology to give [PSAPs] the ability to utilize RapidSOS technology to obtain greater location accuracy for wireless 9-1-1 calls.