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Nov 1-2, 2023

Join us for this two-day virtual event to learn about advancements in safety technology from industry leaders in both technology and public safety.

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MedicAlert sought to partner with RapidSOS to share vital medical information, such as allergies, medications, and implanted devices, with 911 in its members’ times of need. By downloading this case study, you will learn:

  • How a legacy nonprofit stays on the cutting edge to protect its members
  • Why MedicAlert chose to send life-saving data directly to first responders via RapidSOS
  • How vital information from a member’s online profile can instantly be passed to 911
How MedicAlert Connects Life-Saving Data to 911
Download the Case Study

About MedicAlert

The MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to  save and protect lives by sharing vital medical information in its members’ times of need. 

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About RapidSOS

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from 500+ million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to safety agents, 911 and first responders globally. Whether there’s an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS Ready devices, homes, or buildings deliver essential data to the right place, when it matters most.

Learn more about how RapidSOS can partner with your company to keep your customers safe in the event of an emergency. Talk to one of our experts at RapidSOS to learn more.

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