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NSION Technologies and RapidSOS Join Forces to Deliver Live Video and Audio from Smart Devices to First Responders During an Emergency

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NSION Technologies and RapidSOS Join Forces to Deliver Live  Video and Audio from Smart Devices to First Responders During an Emergency

The two companies are advancing the access that Emergency Communications Centers have to live video and audio, for better situational awareness and verification – from drones, smartphones, bodycams, dash cams, CCTV, IP cameras, and more

NSION’s NSC3Platform will now sync with the RapidSOS Portal


New York, NY –  February 16, 2023 – NSION Technologies today announced a partnership with RapidSOS –  the intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to safety agents, 911 and first responders – that provides Emergency Communications Centers and first responders direct access to live video and audio during an emergency. 

Although there is a wealth of data now available to first responders from smartphones, wearables, sensors, medical devices and more – driven by the RapidSOS Intelligent Safety Platform – there is increasing need for telecommunicators to understand context and/or to verify an emergency is indeed taking place. This is done, in many cases, with audio from a caller or from first responders on the scene. 

NSION’s NSC3 Platform enables an easy way for ECC to request a video feed from the 911 caller for ECC to observe the situation. The 911 caller does not need to download any apps, just click the link provided by ECC center and share a view of the situation. Context helps enable faster and smart response while keeping the safety of first responders in mind, and verification allows dispatch to quickly confirm an emergency and route resources accordingly. 

How It Works

The RapidSOS and NSION Technologies solution shares life-saving data from NSION applications and various video management systems to responders who are on the way to the scene, providing unprecedented situational awareness of the unfolding event. All shared data between stakeholders is automatically recorded and securely stored in the NSC3™ Platform as event evidence with a full chain of custody.

This data can come from a number of different devices, including video from the phone of the 911 caller, drones, bodycams, and dash cams of the responders, available CCTV at the scene, from supported smartphone cameras, and from IP security cameras installed at homes, buildings, and businesses. 

The responding units also have access to streams from the site prior to arrival and can share any video or data streams between team members and operations rooms. This provides a coordinated end-to-end response from the caller facing an emergency to first responders in the field.  

Unprecedented Situational Awareness

Whether its an active shooter in a crowded entertainment district; a mass casualty event or incident outside a major sporting event; a complicated scene with multiple emergencies, a  rural or remote area with difficult terrain; or even a break-in at a local business or residence,  audio and video from the scene can have a profound impact on understanding a scene or emergency before resources are deployed, or from those at or first on the scene.  This critical context and situational awareness, combined with a way to verify an emergency, empowers telecommunicators to route the right resources as quickly as possible and make adjustments to the response in real-time or pull in other agencies as needed.

With proliferation of video capture by smartphones, the use of drones by law enforcement, and explosive growth of easy-to-install IP and CCTV cameras, real-time data in the form of audio and video is now readily available to first responders. Combined with the ability to process and route this data quickly via the NSION NSC3via platform and have it available to telecommunicators on their screen through RapidSOS Portal, the final piece of the puzzle has now arrived – and the future of emergency response will never be the same. 

“When a Second is a Lifetime, NSION Technologies provides secure data for split second responder decision-making,” said Brett Johnson, Vice President Systems Integration at NSION Technologies. “Audio and video are a critical piece to providing situational awareness, context, and verification for telecommunicators and first responders in the field. With this data now flowing through the RapidSOS Portal, it can be immediately actionable and shared amongst responding agencies and operations centers. This is a transformational moment for emergency response and consumer safety.”  

“The RapidSOS intelligent safety platform routes critical, life-saving data to 911 during an emergency call or incident,” explained Dave Sehnert, Head of Public Safety Partnerships at RapidSOS. “We strongly believe that audio and video will increase  situational awareness for a more informed emergency response, and NSION’s media streaming platform makes them a perfect partner to bring these capabilities to market.”

The RapidSOS and NSION Technologies solution is now available to Emergency Communication Centers with access to RapidSOS Portal.

To learn more about how your ECC can leverage this solution, visit: https://pages.rapidsos.com/nsion/ 



About NSION Technologies
NSION Technologies is an innovator in the situational awareness, secure media, and data management market. NSC3 technology supports any camera, any platform and is functional in any network. All of them improve radically first responder situational awareness operational needs by optimizing data security and speed of video data transfer. Even in complex, life-critical situations. NSC3™ enables intelligent data algorithms to search threats and abnormalities from live video or data feeds.

About RapidSOS
In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to safety agents, 911 and first responders. To learn more about our technology that’s creating life-saving connections, visit www.rapidsos.com.


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