Solution Overview: How MedicAlert Links Medical IDs to 911 through RapidSOS

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The MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to save and protect lives by sharing medical information with first responders, healthcare providers, and good samaritans in member’s times of need.

They maintain a database of their member’s medical information, like their allergies, medications, and conditions, to share with first responders, hospitals, and medical professionals during emergencies. They’ve partnered with RapidSOS to send this data to 9-1-1 immediately so it appears on dispatcher’s screens as the call comes in.

«We were amazed there had been such a big gap in the first responder community in terms of getting them data.»

Josefina Jervis, President and COO of MedicAlert

Download the case study to see why they chose to partner with RapidSOS and how their data flows from their database to 911.

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