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Threat Prevention Tech: How ZeroEyes and RapidSOS Help Save Lives During An Active Threat

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Jamison Peevyhouse
VP of Public Safety

Dustin Kisling SVP of Strategy, ZeroEyes

Dustin Kisling
SVP of Strategy

anthony 150x150

Anthony Summers, CEM, ENP
Assistant Director,
West Baton Rouge Parish OHSEP/911

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Threat Prevention Tech: How ZeroEyes and RapidSOS Help Save Lives During An Active Threat

In a crisis situation, seconds matter. Join us to hear how industry leaders, like ZeroEyes, are saving lives by providing valuable data to 911 when their customers are in an active crisis. In a time of need, ZeroEyes’ gun detection technology, along with RapidSOS, can link critical threat detection and surveillance data directly to 911 and first responders. We’ll talk to leaders about the importance – and impact – of emergency intelligence data when it matters most – in a crisis situation.

Key takeaways include:


How innovative products, through RapidSOS, can link critical data directly to 911 during an emergency


How this critical data enables 911 telecommunicators to dispatch resources more efficiently based on contextual data


How contextual intelligence supports the safety of communities and can lead to better outcomes

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RapidSOS built the emergency response data platform to help first responders receive the data they need to save lives. We help some of the world’s largest companies and organizations share data from their connected devices, platforms, and sensors, directly with first responders, to protect their people in emergencies.

Learn more about how RapidSOS can partner with your company to keep your customers safe in the event of an emergency. Talk to one of our experts at RapidSOS to learn more.

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