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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re constantly evolving RapidSOS Portal to make sure that Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) have the tools and resources they need to save more lives. During this difficult and unprecedented year, we’ve been hard at work improving and developing RapidSOS Portal to support our first responders around the world.  

In this episode of RapidSOS Insider, Karin Marquez, Senior Director of Public Safety, Kristen Donnino, VP of Product, and Jess Reed, VP of Strategy and Global Partners, highlight the latest features and updates to RapidSOS Portal that have been implemented in 2021, including the RapidSOS Partner Network, Enhanced Admin, Agency Share & Chat, and Supplemental Alerts. This episode also unveils upcoming solutions that will become available to ECCs in the near future. 

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: RapidSOS Insider Episode 6 – The Latest and Greatest of RapidSOS Portal. Watch on-demand now.

4 New Features of RapidSOS Portal

RapidSOS Portal Partner Network

RapidSOS Partner Network

What is it?

A community of vetted GovTech and Public Safety software companies that deliver their product solutions to ECCs around the world through RapidSOS Portal. Featured below are the 20 inaugural members announced on July 20, 2021.

RPN Inaugural Members

What are the benefits?

  • RapidSOS Ready ECCs will have a one-stop-shop to select best-in-class indoor maps, drones, smart city systems, body cameras, and other cutting-edge technologies that seamlessly integrate with RapidSOS Portal
  • ECCs will be able to unify GovTech and public safety tools and resources into one master view, simplifying the public safety product experience

The RapidSOS Partner Network enables ECCs across the United States, Mexico, and Canada to unify multiple public safety tools and resources into one platform. RapidSOS Partner Network members share in the company’s vision to empower safer, stronger communities with intelligent, data-driven emergency response worldwide. This feature streamlines the logins for the end user through a single sign-on workflow, facilitates incident triage with a consolidated view of solutions, and standardized credentialing makes it easier for 911 centers to procure licenses for software.

Enhanced Admin

RapidSOS Portal Enhanced Admin     RapidSOS Portal Enhanced Admin

What is it?

A feature that allows agency administrators to manage new data sources within the RapidSOS Portal and assign users the appropriate access to support ECC operations.

RapidSOS Portal Enhanced AdminWhat are the benefits?

  • Enhanced admin gives administrators more fine-tuned control to create, assign, and refine agency roles within RapidSOS
  • IP sourcing capabilities to allow administrators to apply IP addresses and blocks to prevent people from logging in outside of the agency and/or designated IPs

Enhanced Admin allows for ECC Administrators to explore and manage new data sources in a more user-friendly manner. With more refined control and enhanced role functionality, ECC Administrators can now assign access to data sources by role based on their ECC’s operational processes. The streamlined design makes it easier to navigate and manage and creates a great overall experience for the agency administrator.

Agency Share & Chat

RapidSOS Portal Agency Share and Chat

What is it?

A feature that allows agencies to share incidents within RapidSOS Portal with identified peer agencies with a scalable digital communication solution.

What are the benefits?

  • Agency Share and Chat helps peer agencies in neighboring jurisdictions assist in incidents with mutual aid more efficiently
  • Provides agency administrators with the ability to share multiple incidents simultaneously, thereby supporting more incidents
  • Group chat functionality with shared agencies

The Agency Share and Chat feature addresses several key challenges for ECCs. It solves for the need to relay location information and additional data during a dual, mutual aid, and interjurisdictional response to neighboring or non-primary agencies. It also addresses the need to quickly chat with one another during a shared event and chat/broadcast these details to all of their shared agencies. This new feature allows for the capabilities of group chat, one-to-one communication, and one-to-many communication. Allowing for quicker, streamlined communication across multiple jurisdictions. If you’re interested in Beta testing this feature, please reach out to your Emergency Engagement Manager.

Supplemental Alerts

RapidSOS Portal Supplemental Alerts

What is it?

A feature that shares alarm information directly with ECCs in addition to the 10-digit admin line phone call from an alarm monitoring company.

What are the benefits?

  • Consolidates data sources and give telecommunicators an overview of the incident by the time of the monitoring company call
  • Provides enhanced data accuracy by sharing alarm data as text to reduce human transcription errors
  • Expedites time to dispatch by reducing call processing time with automatic delivery of data

Supplemental Alerts was developed with SimpliSafe in order to solve the challenge of reducing time to dispatch by requesting for service without the need for a lengthy voice call. 2500 agencies across the country are already utilizing this recently released feature. Supplemental Alerts consolidates data sources, expediting time to dispatch and requiring no action steps. The 10-digit admin line phone call is still placed by the alarm monitoring company, using existing telephone systems, just as they do today. To learn more about the specific steps of how Supplemental Alerts works and how to utilize it within RapidSOS Portal  view the webinar now.

Interested in enabling one (or more!) of these features? Visit the RapidSOS Training Center or reach out to your Emergency Engagement Manager (EEM) to learn more. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]