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When looking to build safer communities, security companies need to consider several factors, including how to detect threats, how to notify 911 telecommunicators and law enforcement, and what types of data to deliver to emergency services in the case of an incident. Tech for 911 episode 4 explains the types of questions security companies should be asking themselves when evaluating their product and how to find a certified and compliant partner to help connect their data to 911 in emergency situations.

In this episode of Tech for 911, our speakers Captain Don Redmond, Police Captain of the Chula Vista Police Department, and Kieran Carroll, Chief of Staff at ZeroEyes, along with our host Jamison Peevyhouse, Director of Customer Success at RapidSOS, discuss the importance of sharing security data directly with 911 and tips for evaluating best-in-class solutions.

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Tech for 911 Episode 4: Why Security Companies Connect Data to 911. Watch on-demand now

In this webinar, you will learn how security companies can enhance their products by establishing a direct data link with emergency services and how innovative threat detection solutions empower faster and more efficient emergency response.

The emergency infrastructure worldwide is still outdated. Public safety needs proven and trusted partners that are committed to developing next generation technologies to help them save more lives. The discussion kicked off with a focus on why working with public safety is critical to the protection of your customers, which types of data best support public safety in an emergency, and how to work with public safety at scale.

Captain Redmond and Mr. Carroll discussed the critical nature of accurate location information, the ability to use AI to better inform first responders and officers, the opportunities to livestream as much additional data as possible directly to officers who are in the field, and how to deliver high quality data efficiently in order to increase situational awareness. Mr. Carroll also explained how ZeroEyes has intentionally built a simple, yet powerful object classification platform by integrating into existing technologies to not only simplify the user experience, but also drive high utilization. Both panelists also discuss how they have worked with RapidSOS to deliver and access critical life-saving information to expedite emergency response.

Here at RapidSOS, we are committed to working with innovative RapidSOS Ready technology partners, such as ZeroEyes and others, to empower safer, stronger communities with intelligent, data-driven emergency response. If you’re interested in chatting about how your company can leverage emergency intelligence data to better protect your customers, talk to our team today.

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