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Why 911eye Became RapidSOS Ready

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Authored by Dennis H. Sims Jr., Director of Operations/Capita Products at Critical Response Group

What challenge is 911eye aiming to solve?

For generations, Emergency Communications Centers and first responders have largely operated blindfolded, relying on narrative descriptions to make life and death decisions about the resources they are managing.  The response environment has grown more complex, dangerous, and uncertain as homeland security concerns, societal trends, and technology add new dimensions to the work of public safety professionals.

911eye bridges the gap between what is being described verbally by callers and what is actually taking place visually at the scene of an emergency. When seconds determine life or death, a visual verification of a scene by a trained public safety telecommunicator leads to a more efficient response and optimal deployment of the appropriate type, and number of resources. 

What is 911eye? 

911eye is an emergency video streaming service available to Emergency Communications Centers and first responders. First developed in the United Kingdom by Capita, the secure cloud-based 911eye service which offers instant ‘on scene eyes’ into the Emergency Communications Centers, is available in the United States through a partnership with Critical Response Group (CRG). With real time video and photographs, public safety telecommunicators are provided with immediate insight which helps them assess the scenario, and with the caller’s location visible on integrated maps, better dispatch the appropriate response to the incident. The response could either be a ‘real-time’ immediate response or a ‘slow-time’ non-emergency follow up.  

During each 911eye session, the public safety telecommunicator is able to consider the safety of first responders and the public. They are able to view multiple streams from a single incident and share any of these streams across the organization to supervisors and officers to further support decision-making. They can also download footage to support ongoing investigation as required.

What is the 911eye and RapidSOS solution? 

The 911eye and RapidSOS joint solution connects two powerful tools residing in Emergency Communications Centers in the United States. The live video stream, photographs, and text message technology available in 911eye complement real-time location and additional incident-specific information available via the RapidSOS Platform. Both products work together seamlessly to provide Emergency Communications Centers and first responders a complete picture of the scene to help determine the most appropriate response.

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Why did 911eye become RapidSOS Ready? 

RapidSOS is widely recognized as a leader in Emergency Communications Centers, large and small, throughout the United States. Their deep connections to public safety partners and commitment to providing Next Generation 911 technology to Emergency Communications Centers today fit perfectly with the vision that CRG and Capita have for 911eye. The three companies are staffed with experienced public safety professionals who continue to serve and improve the quality of life for our communities.

What is 911eye looking forward to in this partnership?

CRG and Capita are seeking to increase the availability of NG911 technology to Emergency Communications Centers currently operating without these life-saving tools. There are millions of mobile devices in the hands of Americans capable of sharing invaluable images with first responders during emergencies. With the common goal of integrating these easy-to-use, effective tools within the RapidSOS Platform, we have an opportunity to enhance public safety and build on the services that CRG and Capita already deliver.

With new approaches such as live-streaming video in emergency response becoming more accessible and indispensable to Emergency Communications Centers and first responders, our hope is that the question eventually moves from “why adopt this technology?” to “why haven’t you?” CRG, Capita, and RapidSOS are committed to driving this change with this partnership.

911eye is currently offering a 30-day trial to Emergency Communications Centers who are interested in accessing this life-saving data via RapidSOS Portal. The trial will begin this summer when the solution is in general availability. To reserve your agency’s spot for the trial, submit an interest form at www.rapidsos.com/911eye.

To learn more about sending your life-saving data to first responders through the RapidSOS Platform, talk to an expert today.