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Why NSION Became RapidSOS Ready

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by Mattipekka Kronqvist, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at NSION Technologies


Mattipekka Kronqvist (1973) is a technology innovator in the public safety sector. With NSION he has a vision which is to ensure a better and safer world with faster information sharing between people and security entities.

Who is NSION?

NSION is a major technology innovator in the growing sector of government-related high-security video and data management market. Since its corporate restructuring in August 2017-2018, NSION has secured major government contracts to stabilize operations in Finland. It has entered its target commercial segments in Police, First Responders and Defense Force successfully.

What challenge is NSION aiming to solve?

One of the biggest challenges is to optimize video data transferring between different stakeholders in complex life-critical field operations. Another challenge is how different technologies and operational silos can seamlessly build a Visual Common Operating picture without losing the control of the data. 

NSION solves these problems with a unique high throughput open architecture NSC3™ Platform, which enables integration of Command-and-Control systems to multiple different video production technologies.

What is the NSION and RapidSOS solution?

Today, telecommunicators in the U.S. and around the world are forced to rely on the limited information a phone call can provide, often resulting in dispatching delays and first responders arriving on scene under-informed. Different first responders in the same ECC may also have different manufacturers of video production hardware and software.

With this partnership, ECCs will be able to access live streaming video, photos, live audio stream, in-event Push-To-Talk features, and text messages from NSION-powered devices via RapidSOS Portal – providing a coordinated end-to-end response from the caller facing an emergency to first responders in the field. 

The RapidSOS and NSION Technologies solution shares life-saving data from NSION applications and various video management systems to responders who are on the way to the scene, providing unprecedented situational awareness of the unfolding event. All shared data between stakeholders is automatically recorded and securely stored in the NSC3™ Platform as event evidence with a full chain of custody.

Disclosure: This image is for illustration purposes only and does not represent the final solution interface.

How does it work? 

This information is securely sent from NSION-powered devices at the scene of the incident to the ECC via RapidSOS Portal and enables a two-way communication between 911 telecommunicators and field responders.

When empowered with the NSION NSC3™ platform and associated applications, ECCs can now seamlessly share the live camera feeds, push -to- talk audio, and secure chat information with responders in the field as the emergency event unfolds. All of the data from the scene is securely recorded so it can be used as evidence, for after action review and training. By enabling the ECC and its stakeholders with the NSC3™ platform and RapidSOS integration, the interoperability of the participating agencies increases, as does their ability to train and exercise first responders using actual content from previous emergencies. 

Why did NSION become RapidSOS Ready?

NSION has been working closely with law enforcement and public safety agencies on the state and local level to provide live situational awareness via drones, smartphones, and IoT devices (Body Worn, Dashboard, IP Cameras, etc.), so it was a natural fit to provide that level of live situational awareness back to the ECC via our partnership with RapidSOS. 

NSION is looking to successfully provide our platform to enable as many stakeholder agencies in all of the emergency communications centers that RapidSOS serves.

To learn more about the joint solution, visit www.rapidsos.com/nsion.

To learn more about sending your life-saving data to first responders through the RapidSOS Platform, talk to an expert today.