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Protect your customers, members, and communities by sharing data with first responders


Faster, data-enriched emergency response

Empower 911 with verified emergency information

  • Ensure accurate location and emergency data is immediately available to 911 at scale
  • Enable first responders to arrive on-scene faster and better informed with your customers’ life-saving information
  • Create a life-saving link between your technology and first responders

Easy to integrate emergency API

Quickly implement advanced emergency help for your customers

  • RapidSOS’s easy-to-integrate, REST API sends critical info to 911 and loved ones when triggered
  • Decrease call handling and processing time for telecommunicators by digitally relaying emergency information
  • 82% of dispatchers believe RapidSOS allows them to send help to your customers faster

Differentiate your offering

Build trust with your customers, distinguish your brand from the competition

  • Being a RapidSOS Ready partner lets your customers know that you’re a mission-driven company partnering to transform emergency response and committed to their health and safety
  • Advanced custom workflows support the unique experience you’ve built for your customers
  • Add 24/7 professional monitoring to your offering with minimal developer resources

RapidSOS Connect

RapidSOS Connect is a data, voice, and monitoring solution customized for innovative companies to securely connect life-saving data to 911.

Partner Testimonial

Hear from RapidSOS
Technology Partners

“Every day ~1,000 people of all ages, races, and genders die from cardiac arrest outside of the hospital in the U.S. alone, and tragically survival rates have not appreciably improved over the last two decades. We are excited to partner with an innovator like RapidSOS to completely rethink the delivery of life-saving therapy to people suffering cardiac arrest in their greatest time of need.”

– Sameer Jafri, President of Avive Solutions, Inc.

Partner Testimonial

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