RapidSOS Ready

Protect your customers, members, and communities by sharing data with first responders

RapidSOS Ready

Protect your customers, members, and communities by sharing data with first responders.

Turn your app into a life-saving resource

Send smart building data directly to 911

Connect your medical devices and databases directly to 911

Integrate your vehicle or ride-sharing platform with emergency services

Power up your home and commercial security solutions

Link your wearable device directly to 911

Our Solutions

to reach everyone

The emergency response data platform can work for any company that wants to become RapidSOS Ready. Our partners span industries security, connected mobility, healthcare, connected buildings, apps, and wearables, as well as major nonprofits.

About the Data Platform

Faster, smarter
emergency response

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Protect your customers, members, and employees in emergencies


Work with the platform that 92% of dispatchers agree will reduce emergency response times


Build relationships with public safety through a platform built for first responders

RapidSOS emergency response data platform
Our products

Find the right solution to protect your people

RapidSOS Connect is a data, voice and monitoring solution that is customized for innovative companies to connect their life-saving data directly to 911 nationwide. We ensure that critical incident data is available to 911 to enable faster, more effective emergency response. 

Our partners send data from devices, apps, and sensors such as accurate location, medical and health information, auto accident data, user profiles, and security alarm information, so first responders can arrive on scene better informed. 

RapidSOS Connect is integrated into over 4,800 911 centers, covering more than 300M people in the U.S. 

Easy to integrate API for 24/7 monitoring & emergency response

Quickly implement advanced emergency help for your customers

Protect your customers with high-touch monitoring services 

Faster, more effective emergency response

Empower 911 and first responders with verified emergency information

Eliminate the need for a phone call to improve response time by authorities

A partnership with public safety

Strengthen your relationships with 911 and first responders

Leverage our team of engagement managers to educate telecommunicators on accessing your data

Four first responders in uniform

Send life-saving data directly to first responders in emergencies

RapidSOS has product solutions that can send multiple types of data to first responders, so depending on what your product or need is, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, all products are integrated into our emergency response data platform.