Response Data

The world’s first platform to connect life-saving data to first responders when it matters most

Response Data

The world’s first platform to connect life-saving data to first responders when it matters most.

Our platform

life-saving data with
911 and first responders

The emergency response system was built on the limited context a phone call can provide, which often delays dispatch and under-informs first responders. RapidSOS delivers critical, real-time data to 911 to empower smarter and faster emergency response.

Our Partners

RapidSOS Ready:
A commitment
to public safety

Through the emergency response data platform, RapidSOS helps some of the world’s largest tech companies and nonprofits keep their people and communities safe by improving user safety.

We’re connecting innovative companies, organizations, and communities with first responders – certifying partners as RapidSOS Ready and working together to transform emergency response.

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What it does

Protecting lives in partnership with public safety worldwide

The emergency response data platform empowers a faster and smarter response through intelligent data for first responders. In an emergency, critical data from devices, sensors, or profiles is integrated with the RapidSOS platform and then shared immediately with public safety.

  • Enrique Sustaíta - C5 Director,
    "This tool allows us to provide better and faster help to the citizens - one of our most fundamental duties."
    Enrique Sustaíta - C5 Director,
    Nuevo León



Used in over 5,200 public safety agencies

RapidSOS is the trusted data provider for first responders worldwide.

315 million

02 People

Covering over 315
million people

We protect over 92 percent of people in the US, and reaching more every day.

150 Million


Managing 150 million+ emergencies annually

RapidSOS Portal and RapidSOS integrations support first responders through emergencies.

How it works

a faster, smarter
emergency response


Contextual emergency data: e.g. precise location, medical profile, and real-time sensor data


One centralized platform: Securely sends data to public safety agencies worldwide


Developed together with public safety: Seamlessly fits into existing public safety workflows

RapidSOS emergency response data platform
Partners & Products

built for safety

We offer a variety of solutions for anyone who wants to be RapidSOS Ready. We’ll work with you to find the best way to get your data to 911.